Five Fictional Things~ Dec. 4, 2015

I know at the beginning I said this is for movies OR books, but mostly I’ve only ever talked about books… so today I am going to compromise– I’m going to talk about books turned into movies. 🙂

Now, as an avid bookworm, I think 99% of all books turned into movie, the books are better…. but surprisingly not ever single one of them.

  1. The Giver

The Giver was a quick read, and while it was okay, I didn’t really care for the book. The movie, on the other hand, I thought was fun. Honestly, I am sure I would be more likely to rewatch the movie then reread the book. (and the little baby was just so, so cute. I don’t care how good your imagination is, actually seeing the baby in the movie was adorable….)

2. The Maze Runner

I’m not sure if I should count this one because…. I actually never finished the book. I know, I know, you all are gasping and concentrating on breathing or maybe even want to murder me because how dare I call myself a bookworm when I watched a movie before finishing the book but here me out.

I didn’t like the book. Okay, that’s all.

Haha, just kidding.

But really, in the book I got tired of it. I think I got almost halfway through and I still didn’t have a good idea of what in the world (whatever world it was in) was going on! The way I explain my reaction to people was, “I had more questions then answers, and any time I got an answer– it just led to even more questions!”

(Now, I didn’t want to/plan to write a review, so I’ll try to contain myself…)

The movie on the other hand had to move along fast because… it was a movie. They had a limited amount of time to fit the entire story in. The movie was really, really suspenseful (probably the most intense movie I ever saw).

(A small note though, since I didn’t finish the book I don’t know how close/how far off the movie was from the book, but I do know I enjoyed the movie… and not so much the book. I do own the book, so maybe one day I’ll manage to finish it… and who knows! Maybe I will actually really enjoy it…)

3. Anne Of Green Gables

Okay, for this one too I watched the movie before I read the book. (but I did read the ENTIRE book, so…) Honestly, I don’t remember the book much. I know I liked it, and as far as I can remember it was close to the movie…

One of my goals is to someday own the Anne Of Green Gables series, so then I’ll get to read them all and compare them to the movies.

But just going off of the movies, they are really sweet. I don’t want to say they are a love story because usually when people here that they think of a girl and a guy and a wedding and happily ever after.

And while I certainly want that for those characters, it isn’t exactly what I mean.

It has love like parents to a child love, and friendship love, and (eventually after crying because Anne rejected him the first time *coughs*) then it has the in love type of love. But they are sweet because they show caring on so many different levels. 🙂

4. The Love Comes Softly movies.

Just nope.

Not even close.

Not even remotely.

Did the maker even read the books?

I hope the author threw her books at him when he was done ruining the movies.

(The books were really sweet, but the movies– in case you didn’t pick up on that– were way off.)

Like I said.

Just nope.

5. The Fault in Our Stars


I have good excuses– I mean, reasons– though.

I usually tend to shy away from secular contemporary books. From my experience, contemporary usually has a surplus of… things I tend to avoid. Like swearing, for example. (I feel, even though I still don’t like it, it is easier to ignore it in movies, but harder in books.)

Though for some reason (that I appreciate) it seems to be less popular in secular fantasy/sci-fi and such… I don’t know why, but like i said, I appreciate it!

Now, I kind of , sort of, want to read the book, because I think in general I will like the story… but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.

So there you have 5 books turned movies! Have you read the book? Seen the movies? (DONE BOTH UNLIKE SOMEONE? (ME)?)

Have a happy weekend!

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