About The Books

I am an avid reader and an avid writer. When I made my blog all those years ago, I thought of the name “Naomi and Books” because books play such a big role in my life! (Of course other things are more important, but for a blog name I was trying to find something fun and catchy and the first 50 names I tried were taken, so… this was it. 😉 )

At this point I don’t have any books published, traditional or otherwise, but I still wanted to have an ‘about’ page for the stories I am working on! So here it goes, and if you’re a writer make sure to comment and tell me about your stories! 🙂

Pieces of My Heart

YA Christian Contemporary

Edited and completed at 51,000 words

(Sequel in the works)


Seventeen-year-old Florinda ‘Rindy’ Carmichael just had a life transplant. As if adjusting to her stepmom Margie wasn’t bad enough, her father decided it was time to move to South Carolina for a fresh start. All Rindy wants is to run in the Suicide Awareness Marathon to honor her mother, stay away from her family, and forget everything that happened in her life the last year.
She fills her time running, until she starts spending with her neighbor– at first because she was forced and later because he agreed to run in the marathon with her… if she attends his morning devotions. Ever since her mother’s death, though, she has been giving God the silent treatment. How could He leave her with a stepmother like Margie if He truly loved her? When Rindy becomes injured and gets stuck at home with Margie, she realizes Margie may not be the typical evil stepmother at all. Can Rindy heal from her past and accept the life God gave her?


This Very Moment

Historical Romance (set during the 1940’s)

Edited and completed at 64,000 words

(Possible plans for a sequel)

Abandoned by her mother and left to be raised by her grandparents, Marilyn King has had a struggle with love since the beginning. There is one person she knows she can always count on though: William Millbrook, the neighbor’s son she grew up with.
But when a new young man starts paying special attention to Marilyn, and the Second World War rips William away, she has to discover who she is when she can be anything she wants. Her strict grandmother, and fear of turning out like her own mother, confines how much she can actually be herself.
A war of her own starts up though when she loses someone she’s always known, and she is forced to find her inner strength—the strength she finds she has through God alone. Will she discover it is safe to be herself as long as she measures by God’s standards, or will the fear in every aspect of her life hold her back from her true potential?

And many ideas and pieces of novels! 🙂 Like I said, tell me a little about your story!