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Hello everyone! I was thinking last night how I didn’t have anything planned ofr blogging this week so I opened up my blog and hoped something would come to mind and– tada! My friend Kara is hosting a End Of Year Link-Up so I figured I’d join in! 😀

So if you want to go over and read her blog, the link is right here!

(also, her blog is kind of awesome because she made it all WINTERY AND CHRISTMASY.)

Anyways, here it goes!

Rules (copy and paste these):
1. You must have a link to my post on your End of Year Link-Up Fun post, and the above picture
2. Answer the questions. You can just do half, all of them, whatever! ☺
3.Comment here with a link to your post
4.Invite someone to join in (choose a blogger who’d you’d really enjoying seeing the answers from)
5. Have fun!

The questions….
Favorites of 2015…

Movie (post the trailer): Ack, well, I’ve seen a lot of movies this year and… I’m not sure what one I would say was my favorite! So I guess I’ll just have to pick one…

I’m going with Anne of Green Gables. Sorry not sorry, I love this movie, the story, the characters… *sigh*

TV show (post the trailer): Once again, I’ve seen a lot of TV shows, but I thought about this one ahead of time and I think I’m going to go with Firefly.

The show is just so different and original. It should have been on for more than one season! When I first heard of it and it was described to me as an “alien western” I was like, “That sounds SO dumb.” But it is actually really fun. 🙂


Book: Hahaha, I can’t EVER pick a favorite book… that is impossible. But OKAY FINE I CAN TRY.

One that immediately came to mind was Unbroken. It’s actually nonfiction, but it was a great book. Seriously, go read the book or at the very very very least watch the movie. (But I’m telling you, READ THE BOOK. It’s great. Okay, it is the most depressing thing imaginable but… um… don’t let that keep you from reading it….)

Song: And Kara said to post the link to that too so then she can listen to it, but just like for the movie and the TV show and the book– there are so many! (I like stories, okay? In any way shape or form!)

Hm… this one was hard (just like all the others…) but I liked Fight Song by Rachel Platten


Actor: Ugh… Kara really knows how to choose hard things. (Especially since I don’t know actors/actresses names. Really, though, I’ll watch something and think, “Oh! that’s someone!”)

*bangs head against the wall while I try to think of something*

Okay, I promise I thought about this. I’m going to go with Henry Winkler. (The Fonz from Happy Days). I just saw him in a Christmas chick-flick and he was the best part! (Not that the movie was bad anyway, but it was funnier with him. 🙂 )

Band: The Piano Guys. And Owl City. But I also like Imagine Dragons and One Republic. And lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Adele. Okay, I’ll stop now…


Movie/TV show couple: Um… can I go with Gilbert and Anne again from Anne of Green Gables? Let’s face it: if Gilbert Blythe proposed to me I’d say yes– the first time. 😉

Okay, okay, I’ll try to think of another one…

Oh! I know. The older couple in the Longest Ride. I’ve only ever seen the movie not the book so it can count right? Sure, I’ll go with them. 🙂

Something I accomplished in 2015: Um… I got a job? And lost it? Haha. I know! I rewrote a story that I first wrote like five years ago. I loved it ever since I first wrote it, and I got to rewrite it this year. The funny thing is, I still love it just as much as ever– if not more! I know a lot of writers don’t have a favorite story because like being a bookworm, you can’t choose, but this is definitely one of my favorites.

Something I hope to accomplish in the next year: Getting a job and NOT losing it. 😉 But really, that is a real goal… and graduating high school…

Three candid photos:

The first one is my sister and I’m not sure exactly what qualifies as ‘candid’ because she’s smiling… but she isn’t posing? The second photo is… guess what? Doc and the car from Back to the Future! (Okay, not the actually person and not the actual car… I went to a Comi Con.) The third photo is of some friends of ours in Florida. We were just driving along and BOOM SUDDENLY PEOPLE WE KNEW WERE BEHIND US! (There was a lot of enthusiastic waving and open mouths and stuff. 🙂 )

What is some things you did that you always said that you’d never do? Um… I thought about it a lot… I’m just going to skip it??

What I look forward to in 2016: As a writer, I’m interested to see what new stories I will have come up with at this time next year…

But I am looking forward to going to Florida! 😀  I’ve basically been looking forward to going back to Florida since last May after we left… 😉 But this year when we go to Florida I get to go to Disney and Universal (I’ve never been there) and maybe get to meet a friend of mine that I’ve only known through the internet.

I’m also hoping that I can meet my friend Kara sometime in the next year.

And I want to get a job…

And that’s it! If you want to join the Link-Up head on over to Kara’s wonderful blog (I MENTIONED THAT IT’S CHRISTMAS RIGHT??) Anyway, that’s all for now. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Countdown: 15 days!



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  1. Kara Lynn

    Ohh love your answers!!!! I’m going to add you to my link-up post. =)