True Stories I’d Like To Know

The other day I did fictional stories I’d like to know, but today, I’m going to do true stories!

Not to long ago, someone who worked with Ronald Reagan when he got shot, died.


Ronald Reagan was shoved into the car (literally, though, look at their faces) and drove away.

What I want to know is, “What did the driver think?” Was he panicking inside? Or was it more of a, “I’ve been waiting for this very day” kind of thing?

That’s not all though, when they got to the hospital, Ronald Reagan walked into the hospital, went up to a nurse and told her he’d been shot.

What was the nurse thinking?! (I’d be freaking out, but that’s why I can’t be a nurse)

I mean, I’m sure it wasn’t a typical day.

I can imagine her telling a story later, “Oh yeah, the President came in today. He actually walked in, and he was surrounded by all his body guards” — They were left behind in the rush to the President to safety– “Oh, did I mention he was shot and bleeding?”

I think it would have been pretty cool to meet Ronald Reagan, but I’d settle for meeting one of the ‘smaller’ people.

(Fun (?) Fact: Ronald Reagan didn’t realize at first that he’d been shot, he thought his body guard had hurt him as he shoved Ronald Reagan into the car.)

(Did You Know: the bullet that his Ronald Reagan bounced off of the car and hit him? Obviously I like Ronald Reagan, but when things like that happen… I just feel like God is like, “Nope, you are actually supposed to get hit…”)

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