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What’s Next?

So you graduated.
You’re going to walk across the stage, be handed your diploma, and beam as you walk off the stage.
People will ask you, “What next?” (but let’s be honest they’ve been asking that for a long time, right?)
If you’re anything like me, you’ll say, “I don’t know. I was thinking about this idea I had but I don’t know if I like it enough to resign myself to being stuck doing that every day for the rest of my life.” (probably not word for word, but the same sentiment.)
You’ll probably meet people who will have (what they genuinely think are) good ideas of what you should pursue. “You need to go to college so you can get a good job.” Not necessarily.
I once told someone I was thinking about being a high school history teacher and she said, “You don’t want to do that!” (She pretty much had the same reaction anytime I told her something I was thinking about pursuing now that I think about it.)
If you’re anything like me, you want to have a plan. You would be pleased beyond measure if God said, “Okay, so here’s the five year plan.”
But…. He didn’t. At least for me.
So then it wasn’t just other people asking, “What’s next?” But me too. “What’s next, God?”
It was easy (and still is if I let myself!) to get stressed about not having a plan, or having a plan, but not sure if it’s the right plan.
I’ve heard people say things before like, “You can edit a blank document!” And it’s true. The idea being you should write what you want and just fix it later. I think it can be the same for a plan (this isn’t an excuse to do whatever you want.)
You can always have a plan and change it later. Has anyone in the history of the entire world actually have some go 100% according to plan??
So, I’m here to say, if someone asks you, “What’s next?” It’s okay to respond with, “I don’t know.”
It’s not okay to use that as an excuse to do nothing, to try for nothing. But it is okay to say, “I don’t know” as you pray, and work, and try. It’s okay to think that as you go to college, or work at your job. It’s not an excuse, or an end at all! It’s a beginning of something.
So, what’s next?
I don’t know.
Who knows what the future holds? God. And in the end, that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

(and congratulations, graduates of class 2017!!)


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I’ve not blogged for awhile again… sorry!

But I thought I’d do a summer recap on the blog today! (Most school has begun now, and September seems like the beginning of Fall for me– even if it still is pretty warm.)

Goodbye, Summer.

It’s been nice.

Mostly. 😉

This actually happened in March not the summer, but it is too exciting I can’t NOT mention it. I got to meet up with a wonderfully fun person, Kara! (who blogs at http://www.savedbygrace7.blogspot.com)

Kara and I

I think I may have mentioned that we met before– but like I said, it was exciting! (And last Friday was our three year mark of having talked to each other.)

Then in April I got a job. I like my job fine, the people I work with are nice mostly, and it is fairly easy. I don’t want to work there forever, but it’s what I want/need for now.

Ad we got a puppy! An adorable German Shepherd puppy.


Not great quality picture, but adorable puppy!

In June… I graduated high school!

On the left, all of the Downing Homeschool graduates.

It was kind of interesting because at first I had no desire to actually go to a graduation ceremony. I just wanted to do it in case I’d regret not doing it later.

But I’m so glad I did it! It was so nice to get together with other homeschoolers, and hear encouraging words from speakers, and to celebrate with others, to celebrate the fact that we’re all done!

And the same with having a party. I always thought parties were a little awkward because you just invite people over to… celebrate… you? Haha, but my whole graduation just made me feel so loved. I had so many wonderful cards from people who continually reminded me that it is God who is in charge of my future and I really have nothing to fear. And they made me realized I am so loved, I am completely incapable of doing anything that would ever make my family not love me.

(and I’m a writer, so I can think up any kind of situation. So that was reassuring.)

About a week after graduation, I got to go see Kara again! This time we didn’t just meet for lunch, I spent a couple of days with her, her sisters, and her grandparents.

While we were at her grandparent’s house, we went swimming in a river (that was really cool! In some parts it went over my head.) We also got to video chat with a mutual friend of ours in Florida, I had never video chatted with her (or even talked to her outside of Facebook really) so that was cool! And then on my last night there, we made her grandparents enough spaghetti to last them until they die.

You know how it is really hard to make a small amount of spaghetti? Well, just imagine the normal huge amount you usually end up with, and double it. Because we really did double the recipe, basically. But it was good!

Then July and the beginning of August was just work, mostly.

Kara and her sisters came and stayed with us for a day, and that was really nice! I still have the pictures on my camera, though, so I won’t be sharing any here today.

My summer wasn’t all great, I wasn’t able to start college classes in the fall, and I got discouraged about that. But it’ll be okay, it’ll work out. Like I said earlier, God has a plan. (Hopefully I won’t stray to far from it, is all. 😉 )

For me, when I think of summer, I think of when I was little and I’d play all day, and make lots of fun memories. I realized, though, this summer isn’t going to be like last summer. It’s not going to be like any other summer that I’ve ever had. Not because my life changed drastically, but things never happen the same way twice.

So, this summer was different, but it was good. It was really good. I just hope the fall follows summer’s example. And especially winter. And then next year I’ll have a different summer, and I’ll have different adventures to share, but until then…

Goodbye, Summer.

I’ve had a good time. Thanks. 🙂

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My Life Lately

Well, it isn’t really the beginning of the month anymore, but I wanted to do a thing kind of like a “currently” to inform you all of some things that are different then they used to be!

The first thing is, I stopped writing for http://www.homeschoolingteen.com. 😦 I was sad, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep doing that, along with everything else I was doing at the time (or planning on doing shortly). So, after two years and twenty four book reviews (oh my, did I really do that many?!?!) I decided to stop writing for them. But if you’re a homeschool teen (or even used to be!) and you want to write for them I highly recommend just asking them if you can. I make no promises but the lady I was in contact with always seemed really easy going.

Secondly, I got a job! I now work at a fast food restaurant. So far I like it fine. 🙂

On a more exciting note, I took my last high school final yesterday!!!

Last Test

Only in homeschooling do you have your pictures taken during a test. XD (photo credit: My Mom.)

I also started writing for another online magazine/website! I now am writing monthly book reviews for http://www.pursuemagazine.net I just started so I have only done three so far. 🙂

And I’m working on my WWII story, editing it a lot. 🙂 (but then on the other hand, it is not nearly as bad as it could be!!) And then when I’m done editing it (this round) I should go back and editing my last contemporary again, because I’ve been taking a break from it for a while…

So that’s what has been going on my life lately! Staying busy yourself?



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