Something Different

At school and work I pass a lot of people. A lot of them are a lot like me, and a lot of them are a lot different. But together we make up the school. If everyone different from me didn’t go to my school, it probably wouldn’t be there. There probably wouldn’t be enough people going to make it profitable to stay open.

A large variety of people come through at work. People traveling for work, young moms getting together for a playdate, older couples going out for lunch, and some… well… questionable people. (I’ve had more then one person tell me they just got out of jail, so… yeah, we get a variety XD)

There is one person in my class who is really different from me, just in our physical appearance I know we’d have different tastes, but he seems nice and we get along fine (in the very minimal interactions we’ve had…)

The point of this is, the world is made up of so many different types of people. Individually they are just one person, but all of us together create an intricate society.

So why is it’s so easy to find places where people are tearing each other down because of our differences?

They don’t have the right skin color, or political belief, or go to the right school, or whatever it may be. Instead of looking at our differences as part of a unique finger print from God people assume that our differences are bad we need to be uniform.

I don’t know if I’d call myself an artist. I like crafts like knitting and crocheting, and I do draw sometimes, and write, so I guess you could say I’m an artist. One idea I’m very fond of is– everyone is going to look at art differently. I’ve never been fond of the Mona Lisa (I just don’t get it), but you know what? That’s okay. It’s art, and some people do appreciate it. There are other forms are art I like better, and relate to better, and that’s how it’s supposed to be!

We should value different forms of art because each piece should be unique and special and cater to a specific type of person, or feeling, or idea.

Why is it when it comes to art we encourage originality and uniqueness, we want it to be different and set apart, but when it comes to God’s creation, the ultimate artist, so many people ask, “Why aren’t we all the same?”

Just like if all movies were the exact same, or books, or songs, if all people were the same it would be… terribly boring.

A sunset isn’t just one color, because it looks so much better with a variety! Just like our world shouldn’t be– can’t be– just one type of person. It takes each of us to be different and unique to make this world the place it’s supposed to be.

(this is, of course, within in God’s standards of how we should live our lives.)

So maybe you know this Really Cool person and you wish you were just like Really Cool. I get that, I do, but somewhere out in this world there could be a person who doesn’t need Really Cool who couldn’t relate or understand, or maybe even listen too Really Cool, but needs Genuine You.

(On a random note, today is my blogs 4th birthday! Yay!)


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Dark Deception~ Book Review

Dark Deception

Dark Deception by Nancy Mehl
Back Cover: Kate O’brien’s quiet like in a smatt-town Shelter Cove, Arkansas, is shaken when her past suddenly comes roaring back to life. Four years ago, she and her twin sister were attacked by an elusive serial killer. Only Kate survived, and she’s been in witness protection ever since.
When new evidence arises to suggest the convicted man wasn’t the murderer, she’s subpoenaed to to testify in the new trial. Afraid to go back into that world, Kate only agrees in Tony Deluca, the deputy Marshal whoprotected her during the original trial, escorts her to St. Louis.
Tony Readily takes on the assignment; Kate’s beauty and inner strength made more of an impression on him than he expected. But when Kate’s safety is threatened, Tony must race against the clock to keep her alive and put this ugly case to rest before anyone else gets killed.
My Review: I was in the mood for a good suspense and this sounded like it could cure the feeling I had.  It starts out fine with a prologue, which I had no problem with. Then chapter one starts and I was interested in learning that the main character was only 19! That usually doesn’t happen, I feel like characters are usually in their mid-twenties or older.
And then chapter two starts and it’s six years later. Honestly that annoyed me a little bit, not just because I wanted a character the same age as me (that doesn’t really matter, really) but then I got to know the characters and a little about their lives only for me to have to be reintroduced to them.
We’re reintroduced to the characters and get to know them a little, but I noticed… there were a lot of characters. It was hard for me to keep them all straight and remember why they were each important. At one point in the story I thought, “I’m bored.” And then was really disappointed because that’s not the impression anyone should have while reading.
One thing I thought was particularly unrealistic is how Kate is in the witness protection program, but Tony, the marshal, continually calls her Kate– even six years after she’s been in the program and has had a new name. I just thought that that was pretty dangerous…
And then of course something goes wrong (and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all! It’s suspense, things are supposed to go wrong! :D) so the Marshal is talking to police offers and the officer mentions that Kate is in the witness protection program. Then I found out another character new Kate was in the program. And the marshal tells someone Kate is in the program—after Kate has already complained about how nobody will ever know or could ever know. She obviously didn’t tell them or planned on anyone knowing…
I just had to assume that the Witness Protection Program in this story was pretty bad, and hopefully unrealistic…
The book did have some good parts to it too. Kate didn’t want to testify again because she had grown to really like her life, and it was good to see the characters struggling with everything they’ve been through and how they overcame it, how they had to be brave and face their fears.
All in all I’ve give it three out of five stars.
I was given this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Writer Wednesday: Post 1!

Whoo-hoo! Two new series on the blog, both starting at once? Surpise! 😀 Anyway, this is going to be similar to Movie Monday’s in I think I’ll just do it on the second Wednesday, but I’ll be doing it just once a month.

In this series I’ll be trying my best to post helpful tips on writing and such. Since it’s still new and I’m still trying to figure out what I’d want to do, I don’t know exactly what I’ll do in the future, but here is the first post! 🙂 If you have any suggestions or questions you’d like me to cover, I’ll try my best! Just comment below and let me know! 

So today, to kick off my Writer Wednesday series, I’m going to be talking about 5 Thing I Like to See in Books I Read!

5 Things

First off, I’m not doing this because I think I know everything about writing and everyone should bow down to my wisdom. I’m just doing it because I want to…
For the first post of this new series…. I’m going to talk about things I like to have included in the books I read.

1. Pretty cover. I’m sorry, I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes a beautiful cover is the fastest way to get my attention. It is usually the first thing I notice. The Selection Series has such pretty covers, and is honestly probably what I noticed about them and why I picked them up. Victoria Bylin’s book can have beautiful covers! An example of book covers I don’t get. Twilight??? What are you doing with your life, Twilight? I’m so confused….

2. Likeable characters. A big one for me is likeable secondary or side characters. I mean, yeah, I want to like the person I’ll be following, but I also want to like the side characters. I was reading this book recently and one of the side characters was to perky and happy and perfect the whole book, she felt wrong to me, and I honestly suspected she was the villain. She wasn’t. She was just a little too good. 😉 But side characters I like…. Diana from Anne of Green Gables, and Katie Weldon from the Christy Miller series just to name a couple.

3. God. I like to know that everything my characters went through, they went through for a reason. They learned their lesson, or trusted God, or something. I say this, but I am not opposed to reading secular books… I’ve just seen this in a lot of ‘Christian’ books where God is hardly mentioned in passing and that are it and that’s all it took to be considered a ‘Christian’ book.

4. This one is a little weird, but a lot of writing professionals will tell you you’re character needs a goal. Which is all good and fine and it is nice to read a book when you can cheer on the character… but it’s also really nice to read a book when the main character doesn’t have a goal and doesn’t know what they are going to with their life, because then you can (or at least I can) go ‘oh look there’s me!’ 

5. A satisfying ending. This one can be different for everyone but I don’t want to spend hours and hours of my life reading a book only for it to not end with happily ever after. Now, I’m not saying it has to be perfect—I think there can be a lot of power in bittersweet endings… but the point is I don’t want all bitter, I do want a little sweet. 😉

That’s all I’ve got for now! What are some things you like to see in stories? What are some things you see too often in stories that you don’t like?

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Movie Monday: Post 1!

Today starts off a new series—Movie Mondays! This won’t be every Monday, but I’m thinking maybe the first Monday of every month. It’ll include movie reviews, my thoughts concerning some movies (different from reviews—you’ll see later in this post), and whatever else comes to mind, but probably has to do with movies. (Key word, ‘probably’ 😉 )

For today, I’m going to talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming because I recently saw it.
When I first heard about the new Spider-Man movie I was actually disappointed and kind of annoyed that they were going to make another new Spider-Man movie. I liked the last new ones just fine—WHY CAN’T THEY JUST FIND A SPIDER-MAN AND STICK WITH HIM IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK (up until this point in time, it looked like it—but I have hopes that they’ll actually stick with this one.)
I didn’t plan to see it, I didn’t care to see it. I was annoyed it existed.
But then a friend and I were going to hang out and she suggested we go see that. (Or 47 Meters, and I don’t think that that is my kind of movie… haha) I agreed to see the Spider-Man movie because, well, I might not like it, but it probably won’t be bad.
We went and saw it, and I actually really enjoyed the movie. There were several different things that stuck out to me that I took note of and appreciated…

1. Spider-Man was young. I know, I know, he is supposed to be and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that isn’t young, but in the last new Spider-Man movies, he was almost done with high school. In this one, Spidey is like 15. He’s not just young, he’s still a kid.

2. This movie isn’t the typical ‘and this is how Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man’. Honestly, that was a relief because as the nerd I try to be, I already know that. How many different ways can you show a smartie getting bit on the neck by a radioactive spider?

3. Peter Parker has some struggles. I mean, he wants to be an Avenger but is being held back from all of the potential that he has. But it isn’t because no one else can see the potential he has, but because Peter is still a kid… he should still act like a kid… and so they’re trying to protect him.

Anyway, I went from being against the new Spider-Man movie to actually really enjoying it. It was so funny and even though, yeah they’re telling about Spider-Man, I think they did it in a unique way. It gave us the opportunity to get to know this Peter Parker, instead of having preconceived ideas of what we think he should be. *cough* *cough* Speaking of myself here.
So if you like Marvel, you should give it a try. And if you are still hesitant, wait for it for RedBox or something…. Just don’t completely determine not to see it. 
What’s your favorite superhero movie?

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15 Things to Keep in Mind

IMG_4896 - CopyKind of a random post today, but here are 15 Things to Keep in Mind!

IMG_4896 - Copy.JPG
1. God is always in control. Nothing takes him by surprise. (and isn’t that such a relief!!)
2. Yeah, maybe you’re not as healthy as you can be, but at the same time life is short. So maybe try to be healthy sometimes, but also eat fries. Because fries are really, really good.
3. You should get excited about stuff. Even little things like, “I GET TO HAVE CEREAL FOR BREAKFAST MY LIFE ROCKS!!” It makes life more exciting and happier.
4. You’re not going to die before your time… and if it is your time, you’re not going to live. No matter what. It sounds really morbid but I think it’s also really reassuring.
5. Try new things. You’ll regret not trying something more than actually doing it. (Probably.)
6. Sometimes even if you think it through before you say it, when you say it is still doesn’t sound good.
7. Sometimes people aren’t very nice, but don’t let them bring you down. They aren’t worth it.
8. Give someone you love a hug. It’ll make you feel warm inside. (unless they don’t like hugs and end up punching you or something. I went to kiss the dog on his head the other day and he punched me in the face. So you know. Sometimes things happen.)
9. It’s okay to be serious. Sometimes things call for it.
10. But it’s good to be able to make people laugh.
11. It’s okay if you do something on accident and make people laugh—even if they’re laughing at you (assuming this isn’t some sort of abusive relationship) join them. It makes it better.
12. Don’t be ashamed of the things you like. (and if you genuinely are, maybe you shouldn’t like them.)
13. You should watch Anastasia at least once in your life (if it’s your kind of thing. My dad would want to pull his eyes out.) I should watch this movie again for like the 999 time.
14. Sing. A song you made up, or whatever you want. But you should sing every now and then.
15. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given (but also sometimes seems to be some of the most unhelpful XD) is “Pray about it, and then do what you want.”
So there you go. 15 things to keep in mind!
A bonus 16: if you’re going to buy chips and ice cream or something like that, don’t get the low fat or the diet kind. If you’re going to eat junk food, eat real junk food. This fact is thanks to my mom, who stopped me from buying low fat potato chips.

What’s your favorite one? Anything you think should have been on the list that I left out? 🙂

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King’s Blood by Jill Williamson~ Book Review

Back Cover:

In the second volume of Jill Williamson’s Kinsman Chronicles, a remnant has escaped the destruction of the Five Realms and now lives on several hundred ships adrift at sea. As a flock, they sail north into the unknown in hopes of finding land that might become their new home.

As the king’s illness worsens, Sâr Wilek takes authority over the expedition and struggles to rule the disjointed people, while assassination attempts, vicious serpents, and dark magic endanger his life.

One prophecy has come to pass, but another looms dauntingly in the future. Who is this Deliverer? And if the Magonians have him, what might that mean for the realm of Armania?

My Review:
I read the first book in the series awhile back, and I had decided it wasn’t for me. I love so many of Jill Williamson’s books, though (I consider her one of my favorite authors!) I had to give this series at least another try.

Honestly though, this series isn’t for me. There are too many characters, it’s hard for me to keep up with them all and remember who they are and why they’re important. That was the biggest thing for me about this book.

There were parts where I didn’t want to put the book down because I need to know what’s going to happen next but sadly the majority of the time I had to force myself to read it.

So many things happen in this book, if you read and liked the first one I definitely recommend you read this one as well!

Once again Jill Williamson shows her talent as she goes into detail about this world she has created and wants her readers immersed in.

I’d give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

I got this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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What I Learned my First Semester of College

I’m basically a real adult now that I’ve finished my first semester of college (haha, that’s a lie. I mean, I DID finish my first semester of college, but I don’t know about the ‘real adult’ part. 😉
What I learned my first semester in college:
When I first started college I was really nervous and not really looking forward to it at all. I was homeschooled my whole life and I wasn’t sure exactly how different it would be being in a classroom with several different students, and having a teacher that’s not my mom (and I therefore don’t want to talk to… especially because of said other students) and it didn’t help that literally like every college student that has ever breathed complains about school. (Thanks, guys, it’s really encouraging…)
So like a nerdy homeschooler, I sat down in my math class the first day of school. I opened my empty notebook and gotten my freshly sharpened pencil ready, and…
The teacher basically read us the syllabus. She went over each page and explained it clearly. She seemed nice. Her smile made me think of Anna Kendrick. My first day of notes looked something like:
1. No phones in class
2. Raise your hand before asking questions
3. And so on…
Did I really need to take notes? No. I already established I was nervous, though, and I figured I had nothing else to do, haha.
That math class was the only class I had in person, but during my first semester I also had two English classes, and one College Success Skills class all online. I could go into detail and complain about how my College Success Skills class and one of my English classes was really dumb. (In one of my English classes we learned about marijuana for two weeks? I am still trying to figure out what that has to do with English!)
While I don’t want to say I didn’t learn things in my one other English class, my favorite class was math class. (which is weird if you know me because up until like a week ago I was adamant that I’m not a math person.) I really enjoyed that class though, and my teacher, and then I started my summer semester—a math class as well and so far I’m doing really well in it—so I guess I sort of am a math person? Who knew! (Besides my mom who is a genius and told me all along I did fine, if not well, with math in high school.)
Anyways, one day I got up in the morning, it was a school day. I didn’t feel well though and I really didn’t want to go to school. I was determined to go to school, though. So I went.
And I got my mind blown.
The teacher started talking about Fibonacci, and while I can’t explain it well enough, I’ll try.
Fibonacci is where you start off with 0,1 and you add the 0 and the 1 and you get 1(so it would then look like: 0,1,1) and then you add the 1 and the 1 and get: 0,1,1,2. Then you add the 1 and the 2 and get 3 and it would look like: 0,1,1,2,3.
You keep taking the last two numbers and adding them to get the next number.
Eventually it would look like: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… and so on.
At first I was less than impressed because, can’t you start with anything and add anything to it? You can start with a 2 and add a 5 and get 7, and then add 5 and 7 together and so on. (2,5,7,12) but then she explained it even more.
Fibonacci is a sequence of numbers, but it’s a sequence of numbers that show up all around us. It shows up in nature all the time! The Fibonacci sequence is related to spirals and you know how leaves can grow in spirals on plants? Plant leaves grow in spirals so that each leaf can soak up as much sun as possible without blocking any beneath it! And in seed storage plants use Fibonacci to store as many seeds as possible in a small space!
Now, I realize I’m not explaining it well at all. So you should look it up yourself. I recommend YouTube videos (because I’m a visual learner—another thing I learned in college!).
But the reason I was so blown away and amazed by what little I understood about Fibonacci is because for the first time in my life (not an exaggeration at all) I viewed math as a science not as… torture?
It made me realize, God made math. It wasn’t just a bunch of evil bored people who were like “Lets make innocent children cry” but more like, “Our God is so big let’s try to unravel a piece of this world He created.”
And you know what else is cool?
We have algebra, and calculus, and Fibonacci. We have too many different types of math to count! But all of that added together and we don’t begin to uncover a piece of what our God has made.
And you know what the best part is?
The same God who made math, who made Fibonacci, who thought up having plant leaves grown in a spiral so they would each get as much sun as possible… He didn’t stop there. He decided the world needed each one of us as well.
And that’s what I really remember learning from my first semester in college.

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