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Currently December 2016

Can you believe 2016 is coming to a close? It went by so quickly, and I’m not ready to start thinking about the year being 2017. It’s still 2010 isn’t it? It’s hard to believe that was seven years ago!!

Many things happened this year, and I think all in all it was a good year. A really good year.

I’ve already talked about some of the things that have happened this year, I talked about my summer,Β and I think that’s when the most exciting stuff happened.

It is already the 8th, but I guess I’ll update you all on what I’m up to Currently.


Listening to~ Christmas music, and the new One Republic Album, and my sister just let me borrow her Piano Guys CD, so I’ll be listening to that soon!

Watching~ Well, I’ve been watching Downton Abbey, I’ve watched several Christmas movies, and this Saturday, I’m going to go see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Baking~ Kristin and I are going to make sugar cookies later and decorate them. It’ll be very Christmas-y and nice. And maybe we’ll have to make it a new tradition. πŸ˜‰

Reading~ I actually just finished the book I was reading. I was reading (don’t judge!) Twilight for the first time. I’ll admit, I did actually like it. I don’t love it, but I do like it, and I am interested to see how the other books are.

Writing~ Okay, I know I don’t blog that much, but you may know/recall how I’ve been talking about editing for the last 15,000 years of my life. (Okay, but for the last year– that’s actually NOT an exaggeration) and… honestly, I’m procrastinating, but I’m getting closer to finishing (you know, once I start again), and when I’m done I already have the next project picked out! I want to start writing it now, but I know the idea/s aren’t strong enough, and if I give it time it will get stronger… besides if I started writing it now I may not ever finish editing, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. πŸ˜›

Adulting~ I don’t remember if I ever said anything about this, but I got my drivers license a few months back, so I can drive myself to and from work like a real adult. πŸ˜‰ I also signed up for a few classes this winter. I kind of feel like I’ll be in college forever, but people keep telling me it’ll go by fast. (And oddly enough, I’m not sure if I’m comforted by that fact… haha, I’m complicated)

Looking forward to~ CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Would you honestly expect anything else from me? πŸ˜‰ Only seventeen days left! I still need to do almost all of my shopping and bake some cookies and put up some outside Christmas lights, but it’ll be fun.

What are all of you currently up too?


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Currently~ October 2016

Hi, all! It is October first now, and Fall is (and has been for a little bit) officially here!

And since it is, I figured it was a good time to do a ‘Currently’ blog post!


Reading~ A Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna M. White

So far I like it! Look for a review coming up soonish.


*ahem* I mean, I’ve been wanting to watch The Sound Of Music for weeks and you know? I can’t find our copy anywhere! I even looked places I knew it wouldn’t, and even went into the dark depths of the closet where we keep the Christmas stuff and I still couldn’t find it! I’ll just have to buy my own personal copy, but it still made me sad.

Anyway, I AM watching Hart of Dixie season three. I’m not sure what I’ll watch after this, though….

Writing~ A few months ago I started a new story for an idea I’ve had a for a little while now… but the idea was still too small, and even though it was an ‘old’ idea, it wasn’t big enough yet, it still needs time to grow into something big. So I wrote a few hundred words, and the happy feeling pattered out and I knew, what I knew when I began the story: there isn’t enough.

So, after not writing again for a few weeks, I started writing another idea that I’ve had for awhile. A bigger idea. An idea I love and I think I can actually finish. You know what it is? A SEQUEL!!Β (That will take you to another blog post I did where I talked about my story a little bit.)

It isn’t a sequel to my WWII story, but to the story I finished before that one, called Pieces of My Heart. πŸ˜€ Here is the Pinterest board if you want to look at it!

Eating~ At this very moment… nothing. πŸ˜‰ But I did get some caramel so I can make caramel apples again! The last time I made them– my first time making them– was three years ago, the same year I started blogging.

(Oh yeah, so um, happy birthday, Naomiandbooks…)

Looking forward to~ Besides fall? I’m really looking forward to fall. πŸ˜€ I’m, of course, looking forward to the holidays. (ALWAYS) Honestly, I’m just interested to see where this next time/phase of life is going to take me.

OH! And I’m looking forward to the Celtic Festival that’s coming up in a few weeks! That’s always a good time. Well, except for that time my sister Kristin and I were walking by ourselves and this creeper older guy drove up and was like, “Hi girls, need a ride?” He drove off and Kristin and I were like, “WalkΒ faster, walk faster, walk faster.” Oh, and then there was that other time I got a ring stuck on my finger, I feared forever. (or losing my finger.)

So that’s what’s going on Currently. But I also feel like this was also a throwback post– I linked a lot of stuff I wrote a long time ago….

What’s going on with YOU currently?




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Currently~ April 1st 2016

Hello, all! I know, I know, I’ve been kind of slow at blogging… again… I haven’t blogged about vacation, or meeting my pen-pal (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!) She did blog about it because she’s a good little blogger, so here’s the link! πŸ˜€

BUT I am here today!

I figured since it was the beginning of April (and I wasn’t sure what to blog about πŸ˜‰ ) I’d do a ‘Currently’ blog post.


Reading: I’m actually rereading the Christy Miller books by Robin Jones Gunn… and I have two free books that I need to read and review… and this other book that I started a while ago I need read… and then Kara gave me a book too…. so as always, I have lots to read!

Watching: I have been watching some Matlock lately when I knit or fold laundry. I’ve seen it before, but it was awhile ago. I like it– I like Andy Grifith.

Listening To: This one is always hard, because I listen to a lot of different music! When I work on my story, though, I usually listen too David Arkenstone or Celtic Women, so I’ll just stick with that.

Working on: Well, I’m knitting a scarf right now! I’ve crocheted a lot more then I’ve knitted, but so far I like knitting too.

Writing: I am almost done with my story. I told Kara just the other day, “If I sat down and wrote I could probably finish my story in thirty minutes– I just haven’t done that yet.” Hopefully I’ll get to it next week, it’s just kind of sad. It’s sad finishing a story that you’ve been working on and you love (though, it is really exciting also!!) And it is kind of scary and sad because I don’t have a Next Big Writing Project in line– I have lots and lots and lots of editing to do next– necessary, but not nearly as fun. πŸ™‚

Eating: Ah, the warm weather is coming… and with it? POPSICLE SEASON! For some reason I just really like Popsicles. (Especially OutShine. They are really good. Especially Peach…)

That’s what I’ve been up to lately! πŸ˜€

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February 2016~ Currently

Hello everyone! I know, I’ve been a little bit silent the last couple of weeks. (I’m sorry!)

But since today is the first day of February, I decided to do a ‘Currently’ post! (because now I actually have an idea of what to blog about. πŸ˜‰ )


Reading ~ Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I know. I’m a behind bookworm. I read the first two a while ago! I liked the first one a lot, thought the second one was okay, and someone spoiled the ending to the third book (Allegiant) that I kind of lost motivation to read it… but I’m about halfway through right now!

Listening too~ Um… actually, I’ve been listening to a lot of different/random things!

Watching~ MY SISTER AND I STARTED WATCHING SEASON FOUR OF ONCE UPON A TIME. I’m just a bit happy about that. πŸ™‚ And I also have watched some Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman because I got that for my birthday.

Writing~ I’m still working on my NaNoWriMo story. (I passed 60,000 words!!) I also started editing my last contemporary story. again. πŸ˜‰ (so far I don’t hate it so maybe it’s growing on me!!)

Counting down too~ VACATION!!!!!!! I’m going to be going on a trip to Florida THIS MONTH and I’m super excited. πŸ˜€ I won’t go on and on about it because I’ll probably post at least a few pictures. πŸ™‚

What have YOU been doing currently?

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The New Year

Happy New Year, all! I hope your holidays went very well and you are prepared for your holiday vacation to end. πŸ™‚

Looking back on this year, it is kind of weird to see what I accomplished, what happened, and all that. It makes me interested to see what is going to happen this year!

Since I’m graduating this year, people like to ask me, “Are you scared?”

And if they had asked at the beginning of 2015 I’m almost 100% positive it would have been “absolutely”, “completely terrified”, and so on.

But now when people ask me that, the answer is, “Not really.” I’m not sure if I’m actually slightly scared, or if I just think I should be (at least slightly) scared so I expect it…

What changed?

A lot.

Mostly, I think, just my view. I’m still learning a lot, (just like everyone) but I realized that God isn’t going to jut be like, “‘kay I got you this far, you’re good right?” and leave me hanging. (sometimes I’m a little slow…)

And if God isn’t going to leave me, there is nothing to fear, right? If God is with me, who can stand against me?

I still don’t really know exactly what is going to happen (no human does, though) but I do understand that God has a plan– and what a relief it is to walk in His plan!

I wouldn’t say I’m a control freak, but I like to have a plan. I recently discovered I’m goal orientated. So when I don’t know what to do or what I’m supposed to do, I freak out a little bit.

But you know what? I don’t have too. God will never leave me. And what a relief that is! Is there anything better to have on my mind as I enter a new year and a new stage of life? πŸ™‚


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Currently December 2015

Hello! As a new month begins, I decide to do another ‘currently’ post. πŸ™‚ So… GUESS WHAT? CHRISTMAS IS BASICALLY LIKE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Anyways…


Watching– Last night and the night before my sister Kristin and I have been watching a new Christmas movie– Christmas with the Kranks. We are almost but not quite done, with it. So far it is funny (it has Tim Allen in it, so I guess that is a good indication that it will be funny.)

Listening to– what else? Christmas music! Since that is a pretty genre, to be more specific, I like the Christmas carols better then any other Christmas music. (I know, I know, it is STILL a big group, but what am I supposed to say? πŸ™‚ )

Drinking– homemade hot chocolate. πŸ˜€ Since I’m allergic to dairy I can’t have normal hot chocolate, but I make some in the microwave using almond milk and coco. πŸ™‚

Shopping– so this one is sort of iffy, I’m not sure if I should include it or not, because I’m not constantly shopping like I am listening to music (or drinking hot chocolate, *cough, cough*) but I did get a little tiny bit of shopping done last Saturday and another one of my sisters and I might go shopping next week so… (and I needed another thing to add to my list. πŸ˜‰ )

I haven’t started baking yet, and I actually don’t know how much baking I am going to do this year. (I’m allergic to gluten and dairy, and one of my sisters is allergic to gluten and dairy, and then my mom and another sister is allergic to dairy, so there goes chocolate chip cookies– some of the best cookies ever. After that, what’s the point? πŸ˜‰ Haha)

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