Being a Writer… Or Not.

Whenever I get serious writer’s block, I always try to evaluate whether or not this means I just need to stop writing. I’m not trying to be a quitter by any means, but forcing something that God doesn’t have in your plan… doesn’t work well.

Maybe being a writer isn’t what I’m supposed to do, and you know, that’s okay. I used to treat writing as way more important than it actually is, and so whenever I get strong writer’s block I try to pay attention. I take breaks, I pray, I try to read more…

I’ve thought about this a lot, and while I (think, haha) I’m a writer, it really is only a small part of me. I am actually so many things. I’m a writer, but I’m also a reader. I’m a student. An employee. A sister. AN AUNT!!! (ahem. Sorry, that’s still kind of new, but let’s be honest, I’ll never not be excited). A friend (at least to my mom’s dog. 😉 )


So, yes, even though I haven’t finished a project in a long time, and even though writing is like pulling teeth, I think I’m still a writer. I still understand writer quirks (and probably still do some of them). I still sort of have a grasp of grammar. 😉 I still think books are beautiful and I try to recognize the ton of hard work that goes into them (I don’t know if I can until I go through it myself.)

But I’m not just a writer and I think sometimes writers can be very exclusive. I’m a writer, but I’m a writer that takes breaks (if you don’t believe me, when was the last time I blogged??) I’m a writer but I don’t need just writer friends. I’m a writer, but my sister still pays attention and understands the writing side of me really well.

I guess just like you shouldn’t label other people, you shouldn’t label yourself either. Labels can be limiting, and as a writer who tries to stretch the imagination, shouldn’t limiting be something I’m trying not to be?

Whether I am a writer or not, the only label that really matters is what God labels me as. As long as I’m His nothing else matters. (and if I’m not writing for Him, I don’t need to be writing anyway right? 🙂 )


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