You Should Homeschool

Now that I am a mature adult (haha, I try anyways) I am going to talk to you about homeschooling. I know have before…. but it’s something I am very much in favor of. 🙂

I tell pretty much everyone they should homeschool. I don’t try to shove it down people’s throats but offer it as an alternative that they might not have thought of. When presented with the idea of homeschooling though I think a lot of times parents are scared (and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be!) but they think things like, “I can’t teach calculus– they’d be better off with something who could!”

Bbuutt….. I’m of the belief you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. Chances are, if you’re starting with a five year old you would be starting at kindergarten. Which, it’s been a while since I was in kindergarten, but I don’t think the math gets that complicated.

You take it one step at a time. Teach the alphabet and how to count to 10.

I am pro-homeschooling because I believe you should put your child in environment where he feels safe to learn. I’ll be honest here, if I had been public schooled I would have been one of those children who cried every day as they got on the bus. Probably I would have cried every day until I graduated. 😉

Education is going to always be structured to some degree, but in homeschool you have a little more freedom. If something came easily to me I could get ahead (many times on accident) and if something was more difficult for me my mom would go over everything again. And again. And again. Until I got it. While, yes, I needed to pass the test, but my mom wasn’t pressured with twenty other kids to teach, she had me (I’m sure I was difficult enough at times!). And her job didn’t rest of me passing a test. She cared that I understood what I was learning, not that I knew the right answer.

(For example: more then once in math I got the right answer…using the wrong method. My mom wanted to make sure I knew how not that I just knew.)

Being homeschooled brought me closer to my siblings and my parents. My dad didn’t usually help me with my school. He was usually at work and my mom helped me with school. My dad always told me though, if I needed help, he would help me. After a long day of school for me, and a long day of work for him, did I really want to do more school and make him do schoolwork as well? NO. Certainly not. But it is nice to know that I could have. It’s nice to know that he was actively invested in my education as well.

Being homeschooled gave me the freedom to be original. Since I was comfortable in my environment I felt free to ask my mom questions. (and then going back to parents being scared– you don’t have to always know the answer. I remember my mom working through problems with me, or looking up the answer. And you know what? Sometimes– probably if it had nothing to do with what I was learning about– she was completely honest with me and told me, “I don’t know.”)

I love asking questions. And the thing about questions is, you might get one answered and they might open up five more questions! I could get off topic, and I’m sure my mom got tired of it, but it was nice to know that I could ask questions.

I had free time! I never called my school homework. It was just school. So it always throws me off when other homeschoolers say homework because… is that just normal school? Haha, but I never had homework. Not like people who are public schooled do. Often times (in high school and I couldn’t figure out why!) I got done around two o’clock in the afternoon. Maybe even sooner. That meant I had all afternoon to do things!

And what did I do that spare time? It would differ from person to person, but I read a lot, and read about writing, and wrote a lot. I’m glad I had that free time so I could learn to be creative– even if I don’t do anything with writing.

I love that I was homeschooled because I love how it has affected my life. I love that I appreciate my parents so much (but never enough) for all they’ve done. I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity.



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