Five Favorite Sidekicks

The other day I did a post on my Top Ten Villains, but as I did it I thought, “It would be do a post on my side characters?” But ten  was a lot of people to think of, so I decided to do five. (and if I want, I can always think about it and do another five side characters I like later. 🙂 )

1. Bartok the bat, from the movie Anastasia


Bartok is just so funny, and kind of cute and in dumb and helpless way. I kind of like to think he lived happily ever after, and maybe didn’t become a hero, but stopped his villainous ways. (But then again, he made such a fun villain side kick, maybe I shouldn’t wish that he stop?)

2. Could I really do a list of sidekicks/side characters I liked without including Olaf from Frozen?




3. Maybe I’m a horrible fan because sometimes I don’t remember peoples’ names? (real or character names!) But the second female character in Thor, who tazed him? Yes, I like her. 😀
The Girl on the left
(The girl on the left.)
4. Technically she is the main character of her own series, but I knew her first as a side character in the Christy Miller books. Katie Weldon! She is unique and very relatable, she is smart, but she isn’t perfect– and just like for all the others, she is funny as well!
Katie Weldon.jpg
5. Ron Weasley. I get the feeling a lot of people don’t like him, for some reason. (The author thought about having him be killed off, and having the love of his life marry his brother…) A lot of people think he is useless, but I like him. (I don’t think he is my favorite character in the Harry Potter series, but I do like him just fine. (I don’t wish he’d die or anything, so I guess I’m better then some. 😉 )
Actor Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley

ca. 2002 — Actor Rupert Grint plays Ron Weasley in the movie . — Image by © Andrew Macpherson/CORBIS OUTLINE

So! What are some of the sidekicks/side characters you like?



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