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My friend Kara over at Saved By Grace tagged me to do a post of my top ten villains. πŸ˜€ So thank you, Kara!


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Claude Frollo

1. Claude Frollo— maybe I shouldn’t count him because I actually didn’t remember his name. πŸ™‚ BUT I do remember how he was horrible and awful and sang a song about Fire and Hell (he did, right? It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie…) and he just had zero sympathy or mercy and…. so he’s just a villain you love to hate.

2. Severus Snape I am ashamed to admit I once said something along the lines of, “He should die a slow and painful death full of agonizing screams” and something like, “He could actually turn out to be a hero– and I still wouldn’t care if he died.”Snape

Maybe he shouldn’t be considered a villain– but honestly, one of the reasons I like Snape was that while reading the books if he was a villain or not and I think that it a great thing to have for a villain/or just a not-villain. πŸ˜‰

3. Darth Vadar I mean, do I really need to say more? He blew up an entire planet to try to get a piece of information, he killed the ewoks (those were the teddy bear things right?) and he killed– he killed a lot of people, I might as well stop there. AND THEN you find out who he actually is and you’re like, “Oh man, should I want him to die or to live?”

(Though I think his past life could have been better (better written).)

Darth Vadar

4. Mother Gothel from Tangled

Mother Gothel

She kidnapped a child, but then masqueraded as someone kind and someone Rapunzel could trust! She was just plain evil.

5. Prince Hans of the Southern Isles from Frozen

I dislike him for pretty much the same reason I dislike Mother Gothel. I saw Frozen in the movie theater and apparently the whole room was filled with gaps when Hans reveal that he was actually a villain– but I was in too much shock to notice…

HansCruella Deville

7. Cruella Deville

I mean, HER LIFE GOAL AND DREAM WAS BASICALL PUPPIES. THAT’S EVIL. But I don’t know… I still like her. I guess because she is unique? I think I admire the actress’ acting abilities too, I do think that helps.

8. Rasputin– he basically sold his soul for the sole purpose (soul purpose? πŸ˜‰ ) of destroying a family– and he wouldn’t quit trying to destroy Anastasia’sΒ life. He was just creepy…


9. Beverly Barlowe from Euruka (which is actually a TV show…)



I kind of didn’t want to do this one because Kara did him in her list– but he is just so awful, he can be on two lists! (and thinking of ten villains I love/hate is hard!)

Moriarty is evil because he just kills people… like, for nor reason. But he likes to mess with Sherlock’s mind and the (few) people he cares about! It just seemed cruel to me– just as, I guess, a good villain should be.

But he can be dead for real. (I really don’t see how he can be, and I’m pretty sure BBC would have to give an actual explanation for him to actually be alive– because it was bad enough not having an explanation for Sherlock! (I wanted him to live, but I like explanations!!)


So that’s my list of ten villains who have made a lasting impression on me, good or bad.

I’m going to nominate Aimee over at her blog, (I would actually put the link to her website, but my mouse is being funny), and Katie over at, and Zac over at (All people that I’ve gotten to know slightly through twitter!)


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