Part of my Vacation

It has been a while since I’ve gotten home from vacation, and I still haven’t blogged about it or shown you any pictures at all…. I’m a bad blogger sometimes…

So, for my Graduation Trip my sisters Samantha, and Kristin, and I went to Florida. We drove down, spend part of the next day with our grandmother’s and then drove to Orlando… FOR DISNEY AND UNIVERSAL STUFF!!! 😀


This is Sirius Black’s house from the Harry Potter books! If you went up and knocked on the door, then looked above at the windows Kreacher would look out at you. I liked all of Universal a lot, but Harry Potter World is my favorite…

We saw the twins joke shop, and it was really cool. It actually sold things– and things that were in the books! Very exciting… And the door… well, Kristin said she wanted to live in Harry Potter World, and she decided we would live in that particular room.

In on bathroom, they had really long pipes going up and down the walls like they do in the movies when they have to flush to the toilets to get to the ministry of magic, and in another one you could hear Moaning Murtle!

We tried Butter Beer, and it was good. I didn’t get to try to the hot Butter Beer (they have hot and cold and they’re different) but I think I would have liked it because of the way it was described to me. (Like hot chocolate but instead of chocolate, it was butterscotch.) (I couldn’t have any because I’m allergic dairy.)


The next day we went exploring around the resort a little before we went to Downtown Disney… I mean, Disney Springs. I think (at least at the resort we were at) I liked the Broadway part best. It is all pretty cool though! Disney puts so much detail into everything, it is pretty exciting.


The volcano was over the Rainforest Cafe and it would blew fire. (obviously…) THe second picture is Samantha and I making faces at Cinderella because we were Disney Bounding as her evil stepsisters!

Also, a very important note, Disney Springs has a gluten free bakery. SO EXCITING and the food was VERY GOOD.

So that was just part of my trip– we had a blast!



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    I’ve tagged you on my blog Naomi!!!! 😀