Currently~ April 1st 2016

Hello, all! I know, I know, I’ve been kind of slow at blogging… again… I haven’t blogged about vacation, or meeting my pen-pal (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!) She did blog about it because she’s a good little blogger, so here’s the link! 😀

BUT I am here today!

I figured since it was the beginning of April (and I wasn’t sure what to blog about 😉 ) I’d do a ‘Currently’ blog post.


Reading: I’m actually rereading the Christy Miller books by Robin Jones Gunn… and I have two free books that I need to read and review… and this other book that I started a while ago I need read… and then Kara gave me a book too…. so as always, I have lots to read!

Watching: I have been watching some Matlock lately when I knit or fold laundry. I’ve seen it before, but it was awhile ago. I like it– I like Andy Grifith.

Listening To: This one is always hard, because I listen to a lot of different music! When I work on my story, though, I usually listen too David Arkenstone or Celtic Women, so I’ll just stick with that.

Working on: Well, I’m knitting a scarf right now! I’ve crocheted a lot more then I’ve knitted, but so far I like knitting too.

Writing: I am almost done with my story. I told Kara just the other day, “If I sat down and wrote I could probably finish my story in thirty minutes– I just haven’t done that yet.” Hopefully I’ll get to it next week, it’s just kind of sad. It’s sad finishing a story that you’ve been working on and you love (though, it is really exciting also!!) And it is kind of scary and sad because I don’t have a Next Big Writing Project in line– I have lots and lots and lots of editing to do next– necessary, but not nearly as fun. 🙂

Eating: Ah, the warm weather is coming… and with it? POPSICLE SEASON! For some reason I just really like Popsicles. (Especially OutShine. They are really good. Especially Peach…)

That’s what I’ve been up to lately! 😀


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