Several years ago, I knew a girl who was the same age as me (pretty much exactly, just a few hours difference). At one point, we were good friends, but deep inside I felt like she was better than me. Not that I felt like I was a rotten person, but she just seemed to know where she was going, and she had a job, and her license, and even graduated a year early.

I remember I told her once that I admired her because she had it all together– or so it seemed.

For some reason, I think back about that quite a bit lately. I think it is because if I was still the same person I was then– I would still believe she was ‘ahead’ of me so to speak.

But I don’t– and shouldn’t! Feel that way. 🙂 Because I am a different person. I thought, “What if someone said the same thing to me? What if someone said they admired me because I ‘had it all figured out’?” (I totally don’t have it all figured out, and I don’t know why someone would think that! Haha, but for argument’s sake, lets say someone DID say that.)

I would be… shocked. I don’t have anything figured out! I’m making it up as I go, basically, and honestly, I think that that is what a lot of people do/are doing. Maybe some people are in different stages of making it up– they already have a job, or graduated, or are in college, and whatever it may be!– but I’m pretty sure even if you have something figured out, there is plenty more that you don’t!

I’m not saying this to freak out any almost graduates, or job seekers, but to comfort them. Everyone is different and everyone has different paths. If I was exactly like the girl I used to know– who would be me? (err… so to speak…) Everyone makes mistakes, and at some point or another, everyone doesn’t know what they are doing. (Fake it ’til you make it, right? 🙂 )

I’m going to close with a quote from Wreck it Ralph (because I’m random and I can. See, wouldn’t you miss me if I wasn’t me? Err… wait…) “I’m bad, and that’s good. I’ll never be good, and that’s not bad.”

Now, don’t purposefully set out to be a villain or something, just… do what God has set in your path for you to do. 🙂


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