Dear Church

(This is an open later to churches in general– addressing issues I came into contact with in my visits to different churches. This isn’t supposed to be like I’m whining, just stating facts that maybe churches aren’t aware they’re doing.)

Dear Church,

A church is supposed to be like a family. Everyone knows and cares and prays for everyone else, and when visitors come– you greet them. Just like if one of my sisters were to bring a friend home, I would notice, the church is supposed to notice visitors.

Except in my experience, you don’t.

Sometimes you have a specific time before the actual service where people are supposed to greet each other– but if it is forced, and if that is the only time you talk to me– what am I supposed to think?

What am I supposed to think when I have been attending your church for a year and when people bother to come up to me at all they ask, “Is this your first time?”

What’s worse is, when you refuse to acknowledge my existence, I can’t learn who has been coming their whole lives and who is just visiting, so in turn, I can’t keep them from having the same fate we had– It is a vicious circle, that I find very tiresome.

I know that the reason I should go to church, the reason anyone should go to church, is to learn about God, but the very second (to me at least) would be for fellowship.

Let’s assume someone works in an environment that is less then godly. (Even then, non-Christians can be a lot more friendly then Christians!!) Shouldn’t you want to, as a brother in Christ, lift up that person? To encourage them? To pray for them?

Or what if a non-Christian was to come to church, and no one spoke to them at all! What kind of impression would that leave on him? You can be ignored anywhere– you can’t have good Christian fellowship just anywhere. I imagine that if I wasn’t a Christian, it would take a lot for me to go to a church by my self, when I know no one. And if they ignored me? I can do my grocery shopping on Sunday then, at least the cashier might smile at me!

Sadly, I find that the longer I go to church, and the longer no one wants to talk to me, the more I don’t want to go to that church. If I am not wanted, why would I feel like going to church? After all, I can learn about God anywhere.

So, Dear Church, when I am more welcome in the world then in you, what am I supposed to think?



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2 responses to “Dear Church

  1. Oh my word, Naomi, this, yes. My family and I have been trying to find a church lately that at least somewhat agrees with our beliefs, but also offers good fellowship, but it’s really on the fellowship part that makes it hard to find a good church. I love what you said at the end, “When I am more welcome in the world then in you, what am I supposed to think?” That is a very powerful rhetorical question.

    • I’m sorry that you are stuck in the same boat as me– but I am kind of relieved it isn’t just us. It is just so sad. But I’m glad you liked the blog post!