Christmas Memories

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory? I don’t know if I can say that I have one single favorite– I mean, it’s Christmas– but I do have at least a couple that stand out me as being favorites.

~ My sister Kristin and I used to share a room and when we were younger we’d both wake up earlier on Christmas day (before almost everyone else) and go downstairs to look at all the Christmas presents. (we weren’t allowed to touch them) Eventually we were allowed to wake up everyone else. Once everyone was finally up we’d get to open our stockings! After that we’d eat breakfast and brush our teeth. (I remember Kristin and I would do it as fast as we could so we could go back down by the tree and impatiently wait for everyone to be ready to open presents.)

~I remember one Christmas Eve my sister Kristin and a couple of our friends were playing in the house, and my dad and my mom were in their room wrapping presents. Usually they would wait until Christmas Eve night but for some reason (I say ‘some reason’ as if I don’t know why, I know why…. so I’d get excited and all that…) Dad carried this huge box down the stairs to the tree. All the while he grunted and groaned as if it were really heavy. The present was for me and so of course, I was practically dying curiosity. Any guesses on what it was? A giant stuffed monkey! (I used to/still kind of do– not ashamed to admit it πŸ˜‰ — have a monkey obsession. So I was really happy and excited about it. I named her Mabel. (I’m still waiting for the day I get an actually pet monkey like a spider monkey or something, but I asked my mom if I could get one and she said no…. that wasn’t completely unexpected.)

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories??

Christmas Countdown: ONE DAY! Merry Christmas, everyone! πŸ˜€ (and Happy New Year, because you won’t see another blog post from me until then, probably.) πŸ˜€


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