Thankful Thursday Nov. 26th

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, just like the last few Thursdays, I’m going to name some things that I am thankful for. 😀

~ I’m thankful that a blog post I did a few weeks ago did really well. I put it up on Facebook and got about 230 views! Because it did so well, facebook is allowing my other facebook is allowing my other posts to do well. (I’m sure it’ll go away in a little while, but I still think it is cool now!) (The blog post that did so well was my blog post “It Matters” I wrote after the Paris shooting. I was surprised it did so well– I just wrote what I was thinking/what was on my heart… anyways, continuing now!)

~ Slippers! I have terribly cold feet 99% of the time when it is not summer. I didn’t used to like slippers, but now they are kind of a life saver. (a feet saver? 😉

~ My blog. I missed its anniversary (I think it is sometime in September) but can you believe it has been TWO YEARS since I wrote my very first blog post? *sniff* it grew up so fast! haha.

~ The holidays! I mean, what’s not to love? (besides the stuff I hate? 😉 I mean besides putting up with the people who only have what they want on their mind, or when you start craving cookies you’re allergic too… other that though! What’s not to love?)

~ glasses. I’ll admit. Usually when I think about glasses it’s in a grumbling/complaining way. Something like, “Ugh. My glasses are dirty again? My eyes never do that!” or “Right. I can’t read because I took off my glasses to rub my eye.” But really, I should remind myself to be more thankful for them. Without them I would not be able to read or write for very long without getting a headache! (and what would you do without my rambling, random blog posts? 😉 )

~ being homeschooled! I love being homeschooled for a variety or reasons (some I have even talked about before) but one of them being, I can ask my mom questions about school and she usually knows what I’m talking about. (I know people can ask their teachers at school, but it is just really cool when History, American Government, and Economics seem to be all on the same page then I can talk to Mom about it. 🙂 )

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! You know what comes after this right? A CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN. OH YES!! 😀


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