Five FIctional Things Nov. 2oth 2015

Yay! The second Five Fictional Things post. 😀

(Disclaimer: I know it is a day late. (almost two days late… sorry.) Stuff changed and I couldn’t figure out how to schedule it to make sure it would come yesterday. Anyways, here it is!)

I know I said before that I was planning to do it weekly, but then I started doing the Thankful Thursday posts, and I don’t want to give you two posts one right after the other every week– so Five Fictional Things is now going to be every other week, at least until I’m done being thankful. I mean, doing the Thankful Thursday posts… 😉

Today I am going to do 5 fiction authors I’d like to have lunch with. (Okay, so the food in this case in irrelevant, but ‘having lunch’ sounded better then just ‘meeting’. 🙂 )

~ C. S. Lewis.

Okay, is it cheating if I use him when I admire him for his nonfiction too? Don’t get me wrong, the Chronicles of Narnia were exciting and I need to own them and reread them, but I also know from reading nonfiction that he was really smart, (obviously a good story teller), and a Christian.

I’d like to have met him, just to listen to him!

~ J. R. R. Tolkien

Well, am I just being a typical writer or what? Naming all these famous people everyone wants to meet… sheesh….

But anyways, I haven’t even finished reading one of his books yet, but it is good! I expected it to be boring, it was just so fat and old… but it isn’t!

And If I could be perfectly honest, one of the reasons I’d want to meet him was if I was meeting C. S. Lewis. Listening to one of them talk would be cool, but listening to a conversation of theirs? It would be pretty epic. 😀

~ Well, now it’s getting tricky because I’m trying to decide among authors who are alive. Ones who still have feelings. Ones who I could offend. O.O Haha, just kidding. I’m sure they don’t care who I pick, but still it’s going to be hard…

Brandilyn Collins

She writes absolutely terrifying suspense. Okay, maybe slightly exaggerating but not really. I love how when I start her books, I don’t want to stop! (because if I stopped, I might not have the guts to pick it up again. 😉 ) No, but really. She can really weave her story together with suspense and mystery and a hopefully-happily-ever-after. I actually have a couple of her books signed! And she was probably one of my first favorite authors– been there from the beginning of my bookworm life. 🙂

~ Jill Williamson

Another one of my favorite authors (obviously, if I had I the ability to meet an author of my choice, why would I choose someone not my favorite?)

But her books are really good. They are fun and original, and though I haven’t actually ever met her, I have talked to her online and she seems nice.

~ And last but not least….

Jenny B. Jones! (on a side note, one of her books was free for e-book… just in case you wondered…)

She writes witty, sarcastic, clever characters that make me laugh. She writes YA and romance- but you know what? Not necessarily together! She wrote some of my favorite books, and one of the reasons I like them so much is there isn’t all this romance drama throughout the whole thing. (Though sometimes I do like reading books with romance, but books without it are good too! 🙂 )

So that’s my list. (Really just *some* of the authors I’d like to meet– be thankful that I limited myself to only five. 😉

What five fictional authors would you like to meet?



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4 responses to “Five FIctional Things Nov. 2oth 2015

  1. Hey, Naomi! Which books by Jill Williamson have you read? I’ve read the first and the 1.5 in her mission league series, both of which were pretty cool.

    • I’ve read her Blood of Kings trilogy, her Safe Lands trilogy, Replication, both of her nonfiction books, and the first Mission League book… haha, I’ve read a lot by her. 😀 I definitely recommend her books!