Pieces of My Heart– The Story

I don’t remember how much I actually talked about the last story I was writing, which I named Pieces of My Heart. But anyways, I figured I would talk about it a bit today. 😀

The story is about a girl who’s mom committed suicide.

Here is the ‘back cover’ thingy I wrote:

Seventeen-year-old Florinda ‘Rindy’ Carmichael just had a life transplant. As if adjusting to her stepmom Margie wasn’t bad enough, her father decided it was time to move to South Carolina for a fresh start—while all Rindy wants now is to run in the Suicide Awareness Marathon, stay away from her family, and forget everything that happened in her life the last year.
She fills her time with running, and when she’s not running, drawing. Then Rindy starts spending time with the cute neighbor Sam Hamilton, at first because they were forced and later because he agreed to run in the marathon with her… if she attends his morning devotions. Ever since her mother’s death she has been giving God the silent treatment. How could He leave her with a stepmother like Margie if he truly loved her?
While Rindy gets stuck at home sick, she realizes Margie’s heart may not be the heart of the evil stepmother she first thought. When there is an accident, it seems impossible for Rindy to go running in the marathon. If she learned to care for both Margie and her mom, does it matter? Can Rindy forgive and more importantly, accept the life God gave her?

I actually finished it last December on the 13th or something like that. I was very happy to be done… 😉


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