Currently– October 2015

Ah, I remember the beginning of September and I thought, “It is the beginning! I can do another one of those ‘Currently’ posts!” And then two weeks later I thought, “Maybe it’s not too late…”

But then it became October…. The good news is it is still the beginning of October so I can do a ‘Currently– October 2015’ post!

So, right now I am currently….

At this moment I’m listening to the newest Owl City album.


Actually on my tablet, I just finished reading a book Whisper If You Have To by Staci Stallings (only Read It If You Have Too… I wasn’t impressed with it…)

But as far as real books go, I just started reading a book called Together With You by Someone Who’s Name I Do Not Remember. I only read the first chapter or so but it is good so far.


GOAT ICE CREAM! Okay, so not at this exact moment, but I recently discovered that I’m not allergic to goat’s milk! Which means I can have goat milk on my cereal, or just a glass of it, or… IN ICE CREAM FORM! 😀

Um… I can’t think of anything else I’m doing currently… I finished my World War II story recently, so that was exciting. Part of my really can’t wait to work on it, but the other part of me wants to keep liking it (reading five thousand times, ereasing large chunks of it, and rewriting large chunks of it, and changing huge plot points seem to help me dislike my stories. 😛 Haha.)

So what are you doing currently? 😀


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