Some Things I like about Being Homeschooled

So. Homeschooling. It’s pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

Why do I like being homeschooled so much?

No, it isn’t because I get to wear pj’s all day. *glares* And it isn’t because I can sleep as late as I want. *glares even harder* And it most certainly isn’t because I ‘don’t really do any work’. *smoke billows from my ears.*

I like homeschool because….

I get to stay home all day. Even though I have to get up at a certain time, and even though I still have work to do, I still like it. 🙂

I like it because I have good relationships with my family. Maybe I still would, but being forced to spend all day with them even when we didn’t get along was good for me. Even now that I’m my mom’s only student, I still get along well with my sisters.

Being homeschooled is nice, because even though I still do real work, I have time to do other things. I get to sleep a little later then people who go to public school, but I get off earlier so I have time to do things like write blog posts. 🙂 (so don’t ask me why I fail so often on this one… 😉 )

As a homeschooler, I can make fun of homeschoolers. People who go to public schools can’t. End of story. Period. Now, there is one condition for this… if you are a fake homeschooler (you actually can wear your pj’s, sleep as late as you want, don’t actually do work) you must stay silent on this as well… because fake homeschoolers are what give all homeschoolers their bad reputation…

Those are just a few things I like about being homeschooled. 🙂

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