Covering Your Face = True Beauty! Wait, what??

I remember when I had my first job, cleaning bathrooms in an amusement park. For some reason the amusement park held dancing competitions and the like (I just failed to see what that had to do with the whole amusement park aspect…)

Now, even if you’re not a girl, I’m sure you know things like they wear make up, and do their hair, and get dressed and stuff.

When I worked in the bathrooms on those days, it was crazy busy.

That wasn’t the part that bothered me.

The part that bothered me was girls less then half my age were busy covering their faces in make up, making sure their hair was in perfectly sparkly buns, and wearing ‘clothes’ that… really weren’t the greatest….

It made me think, “THIS is what is wrong with the world today.”

For a stinkin’ dance competition they ‘had’ to completely change their look. Later that day I was ranting to my mom about it and said, “For a dance competition I would think it would have had to do with less on how these little girls looked and more on how they, I dunno… DANCE?”

I’m sure a lot of people see things that people post all over the internet talking about beauty and what not. If I didn’t already know what I thought of beauty, I could be really confused. Half of the world is telling me how to become beautiful and the other half is telling me I’m perfect the way I am.

You know what I believe? I know I’m not perfect the way I am, so shut your mouth, sit down and eat a cookie while I finish this blog post. *clears throat* I personally believe that it doesn’t matter what the world tells me to do to make myself more beautiful.

When the world’s definition of beauty is ugly, I really don’t care what their opinion is.

I’ve never really understood why girls so young wear make up. Just… why? But now I understand, that’s what the world tells them to do. Maybe not in those words, but it certainly tell them that they aren’t pretty enough by themselves.

That is why those little girls in the bathroom on the days when they had dancing competitions tried so hard to get their make up just right. They even they didn’t realize what they were doing, but they were doing it because that was what was expected.

The worlds says, “You need to wear make up to look your best, you need to be the prettiest to be the favorite”.

Maybe because I don’t wear make up, that’s why I can be self conscious. Maybe that’s why I get nervous when people talk to me. Maybe that’s why I fear I’m really awkward around people.

I don’t think so though. Maybe that’s what the world wants me to think, but I don’t believe that.

Besides, if someone can’t handle my awkwardness, or my nervousness, then they don’t get to care what I look like either because, in the end, they don’t really care about me just how I look.

(Personally, I don’t have a problem with wearing make up, but I do have something against little girls wearing, especially that much, make up.)

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