Something I don’t understand…

There are some things, okay, a LOT of things, in this world I just don’t understand. And some of those things, I find useless and annoying…

For example, when politicians have advertisements and say something along the lines of, “Make sure you vote for me!”


I’ll be perfectly honest and say, so far in my life I’ve never voted because I’ve been to young….BUT if I were to vote, it would take more then, say, a commercial, to make me want to vote for you. Obviously, at least to me, you want people to vote for you and that’s the whole point of your campaign. So why are you stating the obvious?

Or when people on blogs, or if they have video blogs end with, “Make sure you like, share, comment, subscribe!”

My reaction is, “I will if I want to, okay?” If I don’t want to you telling me isn’t going to make me change my mind, and if I really want to, if you don’t remind me too I won’t think, “Bummer. They didn’t tell me I could, so I guess I won’t.”

I guess I just don’t understand the ‘state-the-obvious-because-that-will-help-get-me-recognition!’ thing that some people seem to think is necessary…


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