Facebook and the world today

I opened up facebook and started to scroll down. There are posts from writers groups I’m part of, fun posts from some of my friends, but these…. things keep popping up. If it’s not about the Confederate flag it’s about the government legal decision on marriage, and if it’s not that it is going to be something else equally depressing.

I liked Facebook, liked being the keyword. It is nice to see pictures and updates from people you know but don’t really see, and as I writer (and an avid reader) it is very nice to be able to seek help and get updates on my favorite books/authors. Everything else though? It just makes me depressed.

So this is the world we live in.

But what else can we expect from a sin filled world? “Eyes on windows to the soul” it’s said. The center of your eye is your pupil, black– very true to what the human is.

So many people have so many ideas. Unfortunately most of them are despicable sin filled ideas.

Black lives matter, it is said. I’m not arguing with that. I’m not even going to go the “white lives matter too” route. So BLACK lives matter…. but BABY lives don’t. (What if it is a black baby? That’s what I want to know.)

It’s the WOMAN’S choice, it’s said. What if the baby is a girl? (Obviously boy lives matter just as much, just trying to follow what they think is logic. Normal peoples logic usually has a lot more too it.)

Love is love, it is said. Unless you’re trying to show people the Biblical truth, and it’s hate.

The Confederate flag is just racist, it’s hateful, it is said. If standing up for what is right, for what you believe with your whole heart, I wish I was more, of what they consider, in this instance, to be ‘hateful’.

Maybe this post is depressing, or offensive (in which case, I don’t care), or maybe my thoughts are too jumbled and they made sense only in my head.

But that’s what is on my mind. That’s what is making my heart heavy. This is what makes me so thankful that I’m a Christian and this depressing, sad, sinful world isn’t the best it is ever going to be….



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2 responses to “Facebook and the world today

  1. But the hope is in that God is always faithful and that He never changes. There is always an answer through the cross. ❤