Happy Father’s Day!

It was my dad’s idea for me to get a blog. My mom and one of my sisters had recently gotten blogs, and my dad suggested I get one. “Then you can get free books and write reviews for them.”

So I got a blog. (Then realized blogging once a month, how often I can get free books, isn’t very often for blogging…)

One time, my computer unexpectedly died. It just didn’t want to turn on. That weekend, my mom and dad bought me a new one.

He teaches me things, like how to drive. (And sometimes he bangs his hand against the car, looks at me and says, “That was all the cars you just hit.”)

He comes and asks me if there is anything I want to do, and he’ll do it if I want.

I guess we all have fathers, or have had them at some point in our life, but, unfortunately for you, yours isn’t going to be as good as mine. šŸ˜‰ No offense. Not everyone can have a dad as great as mine.

Happy Father’s Day!


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