Out With The New In With The Old

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked before about older TV shows. The good ones that aren’t on any more. Ones like The Cosby Show, or The Carol Burnett Show, or Family Matters, or Full House, or Boy Meets World…

But recently(-ish because don’t remember exactly WHEN) Boy Meets World didn’t exactly come back, but they brought in a TV show called Girl Meets World. It has some of the same characters in it too.

Then just this last week I heard that Full House is coming back. It’s going to be called Fuller House I think.

It got me thinking. Why are they bringing these older TV shows back?

Now, I’m not complaining. The only time I watch TV shows (that we don’t own on DVD) is when I’m at the gym. Even then, my thought process is something like, “Well, I guess I could watch the Disney channel, because it’s better than watching politicians who are disgusting.” But let me tell you the shows on the Disney shows have gone down. Very fast.

The characters have become stupid—and it’s not just one for humorous purposes THEYALL ARE STUPID. I don’t know about you, but that just kind of grates on my nerves. The plots are dumb, and the parents are either completely non-existent or even more stupid than the children.

So what’s so great about the older shows that makes the TV people (don’t you love my technical terms? J ) want to bring them back? Well, I don’t know for sure WHY they wanted to bring them back, but I imagine it was because they were successful. And why were they successful?

They were family friendly. I like it when my family and I all watch a show together. But with shows as dumb as they are now, who wants to watch them? (apparently enough people.) But if they have family-friendly shows… that will give them opportunity to have even more of an audience.

They tried to teach lessons. Okay, I’ll admit. When I’d watch TV shows and the characters had to learn a lesson it bothered me a little bit. I guess in a “you didn’t know this before?” kind of way…. But I understand now that I’ve learned more about writing that you need a plot and a lesson learned… and they stories can still be interesting too.

The parents weren’t only existent, the kids sometimes went to them for help. As a writer I understand that it can be difficult to have a lot of characters. I like having very few characters. And I’ll admit, often at least one of the parents are dead. Or they leave. Or they work all the time. I’m trying, okay? J And sometimes in TV shows the parents are dumb and are at work, or whatnot. But sometimes they are there and the kids go and talk to them about their problems (and usually help them to learn a lesson.)

Like I said, I don’t know for sure that’s WHY they are bringing some shows back, but I believe they hope they have some of the success they had when they were first out. But if that is why they are bringing them back, I wonder why they didn’t just come up with original ideas?

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