Is War Good?

I saw something before that mentioned the new-ish movie American Sniper (or is it The America Sniper?), and the person who was talking about it was saying how the movie was just ‘bringing glory to war’ or something along those lines.

I remember learning in history about a economic depression and how a war helped bring the country out of it. I made a comment about how war can be really good for the economy. My grandmother asked, “So war is good then?”

That’s what I’m talking about today. Is war good?

When people (or at least for me) think of war, they probably think of the many people who will die– the soldiers, and the men and women and children who just couldn’t escape.

And after the war, it must be terrible. All the horror they’ve seen and experienced. All those memories are ground into their mind and they won’t ever forget it.

But then you also have to ask yourself, “WHY were they fighting?”

I’ve never fought in a war (obviously, I’m only a teenager) but I’ve read enough and thought enough to know, something things you have to stand up for.

While the one side of war, the fighting and the dying and the maiming is terrible, whoever is fighting is because they have a belief. A belief that what they’re fighting for is worth it, a belief that what they’re protecting is more precious then sitting ‘comfortably’ at home. (I say ‘comfortably’ because if it’s, say, Communism, I don’t believe you’d be sitting at home very comfortably.)

War is devastating, but not even trying might be more so.

I’m not saying that people are always fighting for the right reasons. People fight for the wrong reasons, they have incorrect beliefs that lead them to incorrect conclusions about what should be done.

For example, in Germany after World War I, Hitler told the Germans the correct lies to get them to think he was what their country needed. Germany was going through a tough time trying to recover from the first war, they believed they were doing the right thing.

So, while I don’t desire war, I understand that it’s necessary, and I appreciate those who have gone into war.


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