I Was Not Breaking The Law

I’m kind of in the process of learning how to drive. It’s pretty… life threatening, and stressful, and interesting, and it can be fun. I guess it’s a complicated mix.

At first, my dad just took my to an empty school parking lot on the weekends. Well… I never crashed. (I still haven’t!) But I wasn’t exactly good…

Recently, though, my dad decided to take me on the road… for pretty much the first time for any extended amount of time. That time, though, I was going to drive an automatic for my first time. (Up until that point– unless you count down our short driveway– I drive a manual.) It was an interesting change.

So, I was driving along our road slowly, going back and forth, trying to stay on the road when a cop past me…. and then suddenly he was behind me…. and then his lights were on.

My thoughts were pretty much, “Oh no… Oh no!…. OH NO!” (I was terrified.)

Right now I would like to just say, I was not breaking the law. I Was Not Breaking The Law. NOT BREAKING THE LAW. (I feel like when my family talks about it they leave out that detail, so I just wanted to stress that. 🙂 )

He just wanted to make sure we were okay, I guess. (and we were. Well, my dad may or may not have had a concussion. 😉 )

So that was my terrifying first time on the road, experience. Hopefully my next several times will go… smoother. Literally and and policeman wise. 🙂

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