The First Job

Once again, I kind of failed at blogging… I need to get on that. Sorry, ya’ll….

Anyways, even if there have been a terribly sad lack of posts on my blog… I still don’t know what to blog about. O.O

Recently, I’ve been trying to get my first job. Something I’ve learned is: No one wants to give you your first job. (I hope this doesn’t come off as whiny and complainy…) Which I think is interesting because a first job is something everyone needs at some point or another.

I understand, this is a bad economy. Business don’t want to hire me when they could get someone who is older or who has job experience (or both).

Still, though. When I get a job, I’ll do it well, and even though my schedule isn’t completely open, I try to give them many different days to choose from…

Oh well, I’m not worried about it, just impatient. 🙂

What was your first job?


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