Christmas Traditions

I guess a lot of people of Christmas traditions. Same of ours are…

Making cookies! We aren’t big sweet eaters, but my sisters and i like to make sweets… I’ve made peanut butter fudge, and I’m hoping to make some peppermint cookies that we call candy canes. (Because we use food coloring and bake them in the shape of a candy cane… the name is pretty self explanatory.)

The last two years, and this year makes three, my family and I have done drawing for stockings. Way ahead of time– maybe a month, so not WAY ahead of time– someone writes down all of out names on pieces of paper, tears them apart and each person has to pick a piece of paper. Whatever name you have on the piece of paper is the name of the person who’s stocking you have to get. The first year I got my dad, last year I got my oldest sister Samantha, and this year I got my second oldest sister Tonya. 🙂

Last year my mom bought us a new fake Christmas tree, it’s pretty small, only four feet tall. I like it. Plus, it’s already comes with lights on it… that’s nice too. The only thing with fake trees are that they don’t smell. The smell of Christmas trees is definitely an important part of Christmas. Thankfully, there are candles that smell like Christmas trees, and when you got to the store you can stop and smell them. (The other day I tried to smell one, though, and it didn’t smell. It was sad. Then again, it was at Walmart, so what did i expect? Haha!)

Something I learned this year is that I’m bad at garland. I was putting the garland on the tree, and realized I was running out so i just threw the tail onto the tree. (my sister Kristin took over after that.)

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


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