I feel bad for doctors. No one ever wants to see the doctor… ever. Okay, sometimes I think, “I don’t mind going to see the doctor if he can make me feel better.” But I have little faith in doctors, so…. I usually try to avoid them.

All day, doctors deal with grumpy sick people. Or the people who are so sick they sit down like a zombie just thinking, “I want to die.” Or the people who don’t feel all that bad, but they are grumpy because they have to go to the doctor even though they don’t feel that badly.

All day they have to deal with sick and/or grumpy people.

They prescribe you drugs and no one appreciates that. (Of course, if they actually could always prescribe drugs that worked, it would probably be more likely to be appreciated….)

Once, my family had a doctor, and we would go and he would ask my mom, “So what do you think is wrong?” Dude, that’s what you’re paid for. You should try to figure it out… or just prescribe all the drugs, because then even the drugs that don’t work can be sold and we could be rich! Unfortunately, that never happened…. haha!

Anyway, beside being around sick, grumpy people, it wouldn’t be so bad- being a doctor. I mean, remove the people from any equation and the job looks more appealing… haha!

So, stay healthy so you don’t have to go to a doctor. 🙂


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