People I Look Older Than I Am

People tend to think I look older than I really am. Just the other week, I was by the alcohol aisle waiting for my mom to came back to me after looking for something. There was a lady who was giving out wine samples and offered me some. I told her I was too young and she smiled said, “Oh, you don’t look like it.”
Oh. Gee. Thanks…haha! I wonder how shocked she would be to find out that I’m not even an adult and still in highschool…
Once I was at a winery with my parents and my dad was telling someone about how  people often assumed I was old enough to drink. She looked surprised but said one day I’d appreciate it.
I’m not sure when…
I figured, if I’m a teenager now—and being a teenager is when most people go out and are rebellious–  than shouldn’t I appreciate it
now? But I don’t. I’m kind of disappointed I apparently look several
years older than I really am.
Everyone else in my family looks young… so I guess all the look-older-than-you-are genes were passed on to me… haha!
Anyways, this was supposed to be amusing, not like I’m complaining. 🙂
I was at the fair yesterday, and there were the annoying people who were trying to sell you stuff and you just wanted to be like, “Dude,
are you giving samples of food or selling something delicious? Then go away.” But, you know, I had to be nice-ish.
At one point a guy, who was selling some hair stuff, asked me—after eying my hair critically—“What do you use on your hair?
To which, I replied, “…..shampoo….” and then walked away to catch up with my mom and sister.
What can I gather from all of this? Apparently there is something wrong with my hair, and I look older than I am…. Or I look older than
I am because there is something wrong with my hair… How old do people think you look? What I can gather from this is: I look at least 21, but I could look older…. Haha!


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