Things Taken For Granted

So…. I haven’t been the most faithful blogger lately… earlier I tried to get out of history so I could right a blog post, but my mom was kind of like, “Yeah, right.” (Not exactly what she said…)

Grown-ups kind of take things for granted sometimes. Like, I don’t think grown-ups understand what a privilege it is to have things in your size… all things in your size. (Obviously for some people, they won’t fit, but on average.) When you sit down at the dinner table, you don’t have to climb into your chair! Or when you sit down on a bench, your feet touch the floor!

I’m not extremely short, my mom says I’m average, this is just one of the weird things in life I noticed– and I know when I was young having a chair in your size was very exciting…

Another thing some people might take for granted is eating solid foods. I recently got my wisdom teeth out (which is my excuse for not blogging last week…) and the first day, all I could eat was cold mush. Frozen yogurt, regular yogurt, jello and cool whip and juice…. the next day I could graduate to warm mush! (Which I was thankful because I really wanted something salty after a day of eating all sweet foods…

Eventually I could eat solid food, but I just thought I’d throw out there…. it needs to be appreciated… I’m still recovering, I had carrots earlier in my salad, and though It wasn’t as bad as it would’ve been if I had them earlier, my gums still got a little sore…

So, tomorrow when you sit at the table and eat something you actually have to chew appreciate it. 🙂


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