An Update and Peanut butter and Jelly.

I, obviously, haven’t blogged in a while…. not that I’ve been busy, but some things have happened.

I started a new year of school, for example. So far I don’t hate, and in some ways I kind of like it. It’s nice to be back to the normal. (Though I did appreciate those two weeks off with the endless hours to read…. *happy sigh*)

I found out a few weeks ago…. I get to go to Florida again! I’m really excited…we get to go to Sea World… it’ll be my first time! (I’m sure there will be pictures later.)

That’s mostly the most exciting things going on in my life right now…

My mom asked what I was going to blog about, I said I didn’t know and she said she thought I should blog about peanut butter and jelly.

I had a half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich yesterday at lunch time. (It was good!) Peanut butter is yummy, and I’ve eaten a lot of it in my lifetime. If someone actually kept track of how much I ate of what foods for my entire life, there would be a good amount of peanut butter. (I don’t know if it would be the highest, but there would be a good amount.)

Just the other day, I was wondering, “What do kids eat for lunch if they have a peanut allergy?” Every kids should have the option of peanut butter for lunch! Those poor peanut allergic kids….


I was nominated by some award (I don’t think I was given the name of it). I’m supposed to name 7 things about myself, and nominate 15 bloggers…. well, I don’t KNOW fifteen bloggers so I’ll stick with name seven random things. šŸ™‚

1. I don’t have to read Moby Dick in school this year. (I was dreading it… I’ve heard it is pretty bad.)

2. I’m little sad to see summer disappear but I’m looking forward to fall and the holidays.

3. For the car trip down to Florida I’m planning on taking at least 1 Frank Perreti book, but I can’t decide if I should take all three that we own or not. (I’ve never read one of his books, but I’ve heard really good things about him. I’ll definitely take more than one book though. šŸ˜€ )

4. I discovered you can snapchat yourself.

5. This week I really thought about how much the Metric system of measurements is more logical than the English system. (Thank you, Chemistry.)

6. I watched the Lego Movie with my dad and my sister Kristin a few weeks ago. It was fun. šŸ™‚ (And we ate pizza and chips so that made it even more enjoyable.)

7. I discovered that the ladies at the Thursday night Bible study I go to, are trying to make me fat. (The teacher brought two bags of M&M’s, a box of Nilla wafers, and a package of golden oreos, while another lady brought two packages some sweet cookies or something and a little package of pomegranate licorice.. For the record, I only ate some M&M’s and licorice…. not everything. šŸ™‚ )

Have a great weekend!


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