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So, today I’m doing a book review… for a book a didn’t really like. I’d prefer not to do it because I don’t feel nice giving it a bad review, but I’m supposed to review it…

Supergal vs. God, by Lori Hyson

I thought this book might be interesting since it was about a lady, (who calls herself Supergal… or that part of her personality Supergal… or something like that.) who thinks she can take care of everything and doesn’t need God, but ends up in the end, knowing that she needs God.

There were many things about this book I didn’t like.

She referred to herself in the third person, but only sometimes. I didn’t really like or care for any of the characters. Near the middle to the end, it’s like she had a split personality, it was confusing. I felt as if she put her personality, Supergal, on the same level as God…. when her boyfriend was in the hospital it was really boring and repetitive. (Though, it was nonfiction, so I’m sure it was realistic, but for the sake of making the book more interesting, I think she should have made the time go by faster.)

It was an easy to read it quickly, though. No giant words or anything, so that is one thing.

On Amazon there are 32 five star reviews, so maybe I’m missing a beautiful piece of the story, but to me, it wasn’t impressive…

I got this book for free from BookCrash in exchange for an honest review.


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