One Hundred Years Ago Today

One hundred years ago today, World War I started.

On June 28, 1914, Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated which resulted in World War I, but it didn’t officially start until July 28.

I feel like, since it was one hundred year ago today exactly, I should have the chance to go back in time. (probably the typical time traveler stuff would happen– I’d try to keep World War I from happening and over the course of time realize you can’t change the past. Then I’d somehow be stuck in the past because… who wouldn’t want to be back then instead of now? Anyways… Or maybe I did go back in time to kill Archduke Ferdinand for some reason and I did change history, but still came back to the future! Guess you’ll never know… 😉 )

Then there was the Zimmermann Note.

I remember learning about World War I and the Zimmerman Note in history, but just before it started talking about the Zimmermann Note, it was talking about how the British weren’t doing to well in the war, and the US was giving them supplies but there was no way the British would be able to pay the US back if they lost.

Then the Zimmermann Note was found, so the US joined the war and, over time, won.

Now, with my super active imagination I was just sitting there, history book open, thinking how convenient it was that the Zimmermann Note was found and we helped the British…

I don’t mean to insult any British people, I’m just a writer so I think of those things. 🙂

So, anyways…

I hope you enjoy your 100-years-ago-today day. And if you find a time machine… let me know. I’m flexible with what time I want to go back to, too, so… if July 28, 1914 doesn’t work for you…. Haha! 🙂


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  1. Sam

    Hmm…this is a good thing to ponder, Naomi! Also I nominated you for a blog award: Let me know if you can participate!