The Correct Word: Lesson 1

The English language is pretty weird. I’m going to point out a few things I have problems with and (obviously) other people do too.

Till or ’til?

Often times on Facebook I’ll see something where someone will say something like, “I can’t wait till I go to the movies next week.”

Till? Seriously? Okay, let me explain something to you.

Till is an actual word with it’s own, actual definition. While ’til is an abbreviated form of until and, it seems, more often than not, is the word you should be using.

Snuck or Sneaked?

It’s sneaked. Snuck is incorrect. My mom told me, “You sneak on your sneakers, no snucked on your snuckers.”

Y’all or Ya’ll?

In ya’ll the ya part of it would be lazy for you and the apostrophe and the two L‘s would stand for will. So, ya’ll could be interchangeable for you will or you’ll. While y’all is the abbreviated for of you and all.

Loose and Lose are also often misused.

Lose is for if you lost something. Don’t lose your mind, you won’t lose your life.

Loose is for if you turned something loose. She let the dog loose. (Just remember, loose and noose rhyme. I figure, if I ever use the wrong word for lose, my grammar Nazi sister will make me a noose…. Haha!)

So there you have it.

Y’all have a nice day, ’til next time. 😉



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