Nonfiction is beautiful

A few months ago (time flies!) I found out about a homeschool e-magazine that was looking for a fiction book review, so I applied. After a few days, I was asked if I’d be interested in nonfiction or just fiction. At first I thought no, I wasn’t interested in nonfiction. Nonfiction is boring. But then I remember I read a book that was called The Color Of Rain (YES MY ILTALICS IS WORKING!!!!!) ahem. Anyways, that book was really good and nonfiction, so surely some other nonfiction books would be just as good as well.

Besides, I reasoned, I’ll probably be more likely to get one of them if I’m willing to do either of them. So I e-mailed back that, yes, I am willing to do nonfiction book reviews.

A few days after that, I got a reply. I was accepted for the nonfiction book reviewer! I was SO excited!

I was home alone, so I couldn’t tell anyone (I wanted to tell them in person) so I just ran back and forth upstairs, freaking out and exclaiming things like, “I got it!!!”

And nonfiction is NOT boring.

I read a LOT, but mostly fiction, and I really like fiction. It’s fun, and it can be exciting, and scary and sweet and it can make you hope that certain characters live, or fall in love (or both…) and then there is nonfiction.

Maybe it’s just me, but… nonfiction is beautiful. It has beauty in a way fiction will always fail to achieve. I dream of being a published fiction author, and I know, that no book will ever measure up to some of the nonfiction books I’ve read. No fiction book I write, or written by anyone else.

Fiction can make me almost cry, but nonfiction…. I can almost cry for that but it can also fill me with awe about the things God has and can do.

Fiction is fine and fun and can teach lessons and convict people, but to me… nonfiction is better. Nonfiction tells true stories about real people who made actual mistakes and had fears and had struggles that God saw them through.

I read The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom in May and I still can stop thinking about it. That book is probably one of my top five favorite books, and as a bookworm it is really hard for me to choose for things like that.

One of the biggest things I did in reading that book was waiting five years, and it will probably take me forever to forgive myself for that, haha! But you should read it! It is an amazing story and a great example of how nonfiction is beautiful.



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4 responses to “Nonfiction is beautiful

  1. I agree with you that Nonfiction is not actually boring as many people think it is. It came to me before that Fiction is mere reality glossed over with the author’s imagination, but such truth is nearer to reach with Nonfiction. The simplicity of living (combined with the turbulence of nature) is beautiful to behold. And when we attach the word ‘Creative’ to ‘Nonfiction’, just imagine how much more can it get exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. *realizes this is an old post and that I look like a stalker* Ahem.
    Anyway, I am so glad that someone else who loves fiction also loves nonfiction. I really love reading true stories, and I really think they are the most beautiful type ever. I read Twelve Years a Slave sometime ago, and it is now on my top book list. Nonfiction indeed is beautiful.