Weird Facebook

On Facebook I’m friends with several people I don’t really know. They are people that know my family and knew me when I was three, or maybe even younger. So, when you get a notification that one of your facebook friends that you don’t hate but don’t really know has a birthday that day, are you supposed to tell them happy birthday?

I do… I can feel kind of awkward about it since that probably know that the only reason I know it is there birthday is because of Facebook, but of well.

And then…. what’s worse: getting a notification for someone’s birthday who you don’t really know and you don’t know if you should wish them happy birthday? or NOT getting a notification for someone you DO know and you don’t realize it was there birthday until several days later?

Neither is THAT important, but they both make me wonder…. 🙂

I message one of my friends on facebook, as in that is the main way we communicate, so what kind of amuses me and annoys me at the same time is when we are messaging each other back and forth, I send her a message and it says she saw it and she doesn’t reply…. or when it says she saw and a bubble pops up and says she typing, but it is taking her forever…. Or it says she’s typing and then the bubble disappears and it makes me wonder, “WHAT WERE YOU SAYING??” Or the bubble is there for a long time and the message is short, so you look at it like, -_- and think, “It did NOT take you that long to write that message…” . Or when you both start writing a message at the same time, so she stops typing and waits to receive your message. It again makes me wonder what she was saying….

And one time, I was on Facebook and everything was normal. Then… I realized my cover photo was different… and I didn’t change it…. then a few minutes later it was back to the same again… Yeah, electronics are weird…


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  1. You are definitely not alone in any of this! I go through all of these thoughts when I use Facebook!