I’m a bookworm…

I’m a huge bookworm. I’m not your average bookworm, though.

Of course I like reading and buying books, I like rearranging books on my shelves and feeling their smooth spines, I like smelling new books, and I have a mental list of books to someday own that is super long.

My favorite place on earth isn’t the library, though, or even the bookstore.

Sure, my favorite part of the movie You’ve Got Mail is the bookstores (or at least one of my favorite parts) and one day I want to see a gigantic library (with more than one story and ladders to reach the tops of the shelves)….but….usually when I at the bookstore for certain authors, they don’t have it.

One genre I really like for some reason is Young Adult Christian fiction, but I have yet to find one in the bookstore, let alone one I actually am looking for.

It is pretty much the same for the library. I hardly ever leave the library with a stack of things so big I can’t carry it by myself. (Last week was the exception. I got four books for a research paper, and I got a few things for my sister, so really, I only wanted two of the things I was actually leaving with…)

Last year in the summer reading program (or was it the year before?) I won a free book. I just had to go in and pick one of the ones they had set aside. Well, the first time I went in there was only books for kids so it was kind of below my reading level. So after they got books for my reading level I went back and…..it was still disappointing. (maybe even more so because at least for kids books I feel as if there is a high chance they’ll be clean)

The books for my reading group were mostly vampires, non-Christian Young Adult (which, I would think, would equal complete trash) so…. I chose a book (by Erin Hunter, I think) after pushing the books in the box around in disappointment. (the book was okay, but it is on my mental list of books I’ll try to sell if ever I am part of a garage sale)

And for gifts. I don’t know if this is just me or what, but whenever someone asks me what I want for Christmas or my birthday or whatever, I pretty much always say books. But there are SO many books I like and own and want, that it would be really complicated (for them anyways since their mind is trained to remember authors and books like mine….) to say, “I really like Brandilyn Collins, but I own Double Blind, Dark Justice, Over The Edge, Dark Pursuit, and the third and fourth is a series, the I don’t remember the name of… but you could get me the first two, or if you want to get me a stand alone book, I don’t own, but have read Exposure…” So, yeah, I feel like that could confuse them a little, and that is only one author. I could do the same with other author and/or genres….

Well, there is a glimpse into what goes on in my bookworm part of my head. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


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