Since it is 2014….

Incase you didn’t know, it’s 2014. (Happy belated new year?)

Anyway, as you go through life, you can learn a lot. Just in biology this past week, I was learning things about cells they didn’t know fifty years ago. And you could think something like, “Wow, we are SO smart! We know all about cells and such-n-such and–”

No. We aren’t smart. I’m not saying every one is stupid, but…… besides the obvious things I could point out and get everyone aggravated and a virtual riot on my blog, I’m going to talk about things you may-or-may-not have thought about.

Since it is 2014……

They shouldn’t have cough medicine that tastes like death. Really, though. In all there excitement to invent the newest iPod or the fanciest sports car no one came down with a terrible cough, had to take cough medicine and realized it tasted like death? If they had taken the time to make a cough medicine that isn’t disgusting? They person, whoever invented the non-poison flavored medicine would be every child’s hero.

Seriously, though. They should invent that.

Since it is 2014….

They should have all the salad dressing bottles with the squeeze top. Just pay the extra three scents and bottle, raise the price slightly, and people wouldn’t accidentally have dressing with a little bit of vegetables.

What Mom would be against them, anyway? Even if they didn’t trust their children to squeeze there own dressing, I imagine it would be easier to gently squeeze a bottle of dressing and glance around every five second at the kids then it is it have a pour top and do the same thing….

Now these things are kind of silly, but…. the simply things could be improved to. 🙂 Haha!


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