As the temperature rises, the bathing suites come out and the flip-flops and the sundresses. I want to get a sundress sometime, eventually, but sadly, all of the ones that are out (or have been out for the last several years) are WAY to immodest.

The last time I was at the store I picked one up, gave my mom a horrified look and said, “This is just a long shirt!”

Call me old fashioned (no, really. I AM so you might as well call me that) but I like wearing modest things. I like the floor length, long sleeved puffy 18th-ish style dress I have in my closet. I wouldn’t mind going back in time where girls actually care about what they wear (or AREN’T wearing, which is a better definition…)

Now, I’m not one of those weird bonnet wearing, inkwell using, almost Amish homeschoolers. (though, from what I know, they aren’t wrong.) I wear shorts and t-shirts, but I like dressing modestly. (especially when I leave the house.)

I feel like people are talking a lot about modesty recently, and I feel very strongly about it.

When I go out, I prefer to wear jeans over shorts. I will wear shorts, but I prefer to wear long pants. I just told you near the beginning I like dressing up in my old fashioned dress…. so I’m different. (and completely okay with that too.)

I really don’t understand WHY girls want to wear skimpy things, for the attention, but who wants that kind of attention?

More than once I’ve seen things on the internet that say things like, ‘You’re all beautiful, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, or if your fat, or so on’, yet they think they should wear these so called clothes. Well, if I’m beautiful, I’m going to be just as beautiful with more clothes on.

It really annoys me when I see or hear things that implies a girl is pretty by what she wears. I’m me no matter what I wear. I can act the same in my 18th-ish century dress as I would in my barn clothes, because that’s me. If someone is going to fall in love with me, or be friends with me, I don’t want it to be because “oh my goodness, she has the cutest clothes” or “her hair is just the best!” Um, no.

It annoys me more than I can explain when people imply your beauty relies on physical appearance. Sure, it can say a lot about you, but in the end, if I’m wearing a shirt with a stain on it, or I forget to put earrings before I leave, the people who really care about me, won’t care.

I like looking nice, and I like it when people in my family say, “you look nice”, but I don’t make everything I am revolve around what I wear. (Have I even ever posted about clothes before?) Nah, if my life is going to revolve around a physical object, it won’t be clothes or make-up or guys, it would be books. (if I cared that much, I would’ve named my blog naomiandherclothes)

I guess my rant is over now. 🙂 This is just one of those things I feel strongly about.


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