Life on our farm

I live on a small farm. I don’t know if you knew that or not…

So, I’m exposed to a LOT of animals. My mom has a miniature horse, we have three goats (hopefully two are pregnant!) cats, dogs, chickens and rabbits.

People think rabbits multiply like crazy.

Living on a farm, you can learn a lot, like some things you believed your whole life is false.

They don’t. PLOT TWIST! (I can say plot twist a lot…)

If it is too hot, they don’t have babies. If it is too cold, they don’t have babies. If something bothers the mom (for example if a cat scares her) she might not take care of her babies. So next time you think about rabbits and you think you have two so your going to have an instant herd (or whatever a group of rabbits is called) you are wrong. (unless it’s just us, but I don’t think so…)

Goats don’t eat everything. (this was actually something I believed, while when we got rabbits I don’t think I knew anything about how they were supposed to multiply fast).

Ours are actually picky. If you drop a treat on the ground, they don’t want it, same with any food. If they get dirt in their food bucket, they’ll eat pieces until what’s left is the ‘dirty’ part. They’ll graze, but they don’t like weeds, so we have an abundance of weeds in the pasture.

Another thing I learned recently was MY chickens like my mom better than me! My mom can reach under and hen and collect the eggs, but it I touch the nest box while she’s in it, she’ll squawk AND she pecked me! Haha!

So that’s life on a farm. Proving those odd city-folk ideas wrong. 😉


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