As A Homeschooler

Sometimes, as a homeschooler, people ask me questions and there is this small pause as I go, “uh….” because I don’t understand their question.

I know I don’t know everything, but I it doesn’t make me feel less dumb for not knowing the answer.

For example, I think it was just last year I learned what grades Middle School, and Junior High were, and also the titles of the high school grades (freshmen, sophomore… etc.)

More than once someone asked me my grade, I’d tell them and they’d say, “Oh, that’s… junior high?” and I’d reply with, “I don’t know…” but hurriedly had, “butI’mhomeschooledsoitdoesn’treallymatter”.

And sometimes, when I meet a nice public schooled or private schooled person I start asking them lots of questions, “Are your final tests hard?” “Are the cafeteria lunches ACTUALLY gross?” “Have you ever been bullied? “Have you witnessed bullying?” “Do you know people who do drugs?” (I kind of view the public school system, especially high school, as the druggies best place of business).

So, yeah, my private/public schooled friends probably think I’m weird, but that also know I write so I can claim I need accurate advice for my stories…

Have a good weekend!

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