I Love To Laugh

Have you ever thought about how odd laughter is? It’s just a noise you make when you are happy… It’s kind of weird… There are different types of laughter too. Chuckling is kind of deeper and closer to a cough, while giggling is high pitched, and kind of like laughing in fast forward. (and should be reserved for only girls. I’m pretty sure if I met a guy who giggled I judge him… 🙂 )

Very soon (THREE DAYS!!!! *coughs*) I’m going on vacation, but before we actually get to our destination we have a fourteen hour car ride…. It’s not exactly what I think is going to be the highlight of the trip… but I was talking to one of my sisters and our friend about things we can do to entertain each other. Our friend said, “It’ll be easy, see?” She pointed at me and started laughing… so I started laughing. I can laugh very easily.

Laughter is nice. It’s like your heart singing and it’s coming out of your mouth, or something. No words are necessary to express how you feel when you laugh. Unless you’re laughing and no one knows why… of course you still don’t have to explain what you feel just what’s so amusing.

There is also the silent laughing, where you are just laughing so hard no noise is possible, and the tears roll down your smiling cheeks.

This makes me think of the “I Love To Laugh” Mary Poppins song.

“I love to laugh, long and loud and clear.”  “The more I laugh, the more I’m filled with glee.”

So go laugh at something and have a great day. 😀



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