If I Go Bald

I’ve heard, a few times actually, that they should make Barbies fat or bald, so the fat little girls and the bald little girls still feel beautiful, or something. But, really, does anyone actually think Barbies are beautiful? Not that they are really ugly, but…. they aren’t proportioned right, I mean her hand is wider than her foot, and I’m pretty sure with legs THAT long, her feet should be bigger…

One time, though, I did see a picture on the Internet (so who knows if it actually exists) of bald Brat dolls. Let me tell you. Brats? Ugly. Bald Brats? Even uglier! (but if I ever do go bald from sickness or something, I’d probably have a ball saying to whoever got it for me, “Are you trying to tell me I look like this bald freak?” It would be amusing…)

Plus, having a fat Barbie would be so annoying. If you want to make fat dolls make special dolls for being fat, because then you’re going to have all these clothes and all these Barbie, and oh yeah, there is Fat-so over there with her one outfit so she always ends up being the homeless person…

Eventually, kids are going to have to learn that everyone (including themselves) are more than their appearances. And if someone is being mean to your because you’re fat or bald, even if you were skinny and had hair they would find SOMETHING to pick on you about. (though I understand that it can be hard for kids to learn this and they could get their feelings hurt..)

So, really, yes, I don’t think they should have fat Barbies. If you are going to have fat dolls make dolls to be fat. (Call them Chubbies or something) I don’t think they should make bald Brats (their heads are HUGE) If they want should make a doll that is less ugly and has less of a freakishly large head. (seriously, have you seen their heads?)

Plus, I remember learning in history about a king who was called Charles the Bald, so I’m assuming that being called ‘bald’ wasn’t an insult…

So, in the end, maybe before they start concerning themselves with making Chubbies or Baldies they should work on making correctly-proportioned dolls first. (Can you imagine the massive-ness of the dolls? They’d probably make them huge since they already don’t have any concept of how big to make the doll! 🙂 )

Have a great weekend!

(PS: If I ever go bald and someone gives me a bald Brat, I would probably still find it hilarious. She’d probably become the mascot for naomiandbooks. Haha, okay maybe not, but I’d probably put a picture of her up. (if only so you can see her freakishly large head, which I’m sure looks worse bald.)) 😀

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