The Color Of Rain

The Color of Rain, by Michael and Gina Spehn

The Color of Rain back cover copy:

“When two childhood classmates die of cancer just weeks apart, the shared experience of loss brings their grieving spouses together. After months of late-night phone calls, family dinners, and countless tears and dreams, this unlikely pair builds a trust, a love, and a shared life.”

That pretty much sums up the book.

The Color of Rain is about these two families going beyond the pain of loss to find love again.

I’ll admit, it made me cry… times. (Okay, the seven times was the first time I read it,  I only cried twice this time)

It’s a nonfiction book that shows the faith these people had in God as they go through maybe the most difficult times of their lives.

Gine Kell losses her husband to cancer after fighting for about a year. Michael Spehn losses his wife Cathy just a little over two weeks of being in the hospital. Both Gina and Michael have kids to raise, and, though they may have not known it at first, a future together.

I said it made me cry, which is true. When I recommend the book to someone I usually say something like, “It’s so good! It made me cry.”

You shouldn’t be turned away from the book because parts of it are sad… because overall it’s a beautiful story.

The Color of Rain is such  fitting title. Though the sky might be gray, and rain might be falling, you can’t always see the beauty of the rainbow without it. You might think it’s corny, but it’s true.

Sometimes you need the bad things in life so you’ll see how beautiful other parts of your life.

Joining two lives, let alone two families, would be hard enough, but in this story you can see the beautiful plan God had for them.


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