Sunflower Award

I was nominated for the Sunflower blogger award by my friend Kara over at 🙂 (If I was all smart when it comes to electronics I would be able to have cool picture by since I’m not… 😉 )

Rules for the Sunflower Award:

1. Share 11 facts about yourself

2. Answer the questions set by you nomination blogger- Nominate 11 bloggers

3. Set questions for the nominated bloggers.

11 facts about me–

1. I’m not the best person for electronic problems (or just around electronics… 🙂 )

2. I can be kind of jumper very easily.

3. my favorite color is green, light green like a spring green.

4. I think public schools are like Nazi concentration camps.

5. I think all of the people I know who are public schooled are the exception (because they are normal and not druggies.)

6. We have a cat who plays fetch.

7. If a book is fat, I am scared that it’ll be boring.

8. I hated the book Gone With the Wind (I didn’t even finish it)

9. If I were in Frozen, I’d be Olaf

10. I like the Reese’s Pieces that come out near Easter because they are bigger than the normal ones… 😀

11. I like my chickens, even though I can be I am mean to them.

The questions–

1. What color are you eyes?


2. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

It depends on what book and what movie…

3. Who is your favorite Disney princess?

One of them is Rapunzel.

4. Given the choice would you rather write a letter or talk on the phone?

Probably talk on the phone, but I would rather the other person call me. (Whenever I call someone I’m scared someone else will answer the phone…)

5. If you could do something drastically awesome, and wouldn’t be judged be others, what would it be?

Um… I don’t know… I’m really drawing a blank. Eat two bowls of ice cream instead of one? Haha! 🙂

6. When are you happiest?

When I am feeling healthy and spending time with my family.

7. What was the last thing you ate?

A piece of toast.

8. Introvert or extrovert?

Kind of in the middle. 🙂

9.Favorite sport?

Um… none?

10.City, country, mountains or beach?

I’d beach. 😀

11. Do you own more books or songs?


12. What was the last movie you saw in theater?

Saving Mr. Banks? I don’t remember exactly.

13.What do you spend most of your typical day doing?

School, chores, going to the gym and then reading or writing.

14. How many kids do you want?


15. What’s the best book you’ve read so far in 2014?

By Darkness Hid was  really good. 🙂 I don’t know if I would say it was the best, though, because I’ve read several good books.

 I am supposed nominate 11 bloggers, but I don’t know that many people who blog, so…. Maybe I just won’t nominate anyone because I’m paranoid I did something wrong, or I can try to find my other friends blog. 🙂


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