Black History Month

I don’t get insulted easily. Or, I wouldn’t say I do. Other people may think that I do, but I, honestly, don’t think I do.

There are a few things that will insult me, though. Like when people automatically think I’m lazy because I’m homeschooled.

But if I’m playing Ping-Pong and you tell me the point is to keep the ball on the table, I’ll laugh with you. You could tease me about the way I stammer when my brain and mouth aren’t working together, or make fun of the things I say when I misspeak, and it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, like I said, I’ll laugh with you.

One of the things I get insulted over is racist people. Oh. Yes. They bother me.

(As I’m thinking about this, maybe insult isn’t the right word. Maybe I should say aggravate.)

So. February is Black History month. It is the most racist month of the year.

I’m not saying I think Asians, or Jews or whites and any race should have their own month. Just imagine, for a moment that there was a White History Month.

Can you imagine how people would feel about it? Can you imagine how racist people would think whites were?

People would be really upset.

I’m not trying to say this in a way that makes you think I’m having a tantrum. I just know that it is racist to only include the people of a certain race. It would be racist to have a White History month, and it IS racist to have a Black History month.

Guess what? (I feel as if people kind of tend to ignore this) You don’t have to be white to be racist. Any other race is just as capable as being racist to anyone.

If it was just History Month, I’d be all for it. I LOVE history.

Probably everyone who didn’t like this post didn’t even finish, so how I close this doesn’t really matter. Like I said, though, I’m not having a tantrum over this- in fact I’m very calm.

And just think… if they made it Black and White History month, it would actually sound like a history month because of black and white pictures. 😉


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