Things That Go Unappreciated

My sister Kristin recently got one of her cats declawed. He spent two days at the vet, but is home today. 🙂

He is extremely happy to be at home. He’s so happy to be with he people. He was rubbing against the chairs, and my hand and the dog earlier, purring and so happy to be home.

His fur on his feet was stained a little bit with his blood, and I said something about how his feet must hurt.

I remember one time I was sick with a cold, but I felt miserable. Totally miserable.

I was all light headed, and exhausted and so hungry. I took a nap, and when I got up, I ate something. Even though I didn’t feel normal, I felt FANTASTIC because I felt better than I had earlier.

Sometimes I don’t think we appreciate something until it is taken away. (ok, this probably happens a lot)

The cat was happy to be home, and I was happy to feel healthy. I’m not saying I didn’t like being healthy until I was sick, but feeling better was great.

Is there something you aren’t fully appreciating? Maybe now would be a good time to go hug someone, or even if you are sick, to be thankful that you aren’t as bad off as you could be. 🙂


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